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Docker Images for Laravel development

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This repository provides you a development environment without requiring you to install PHP, a web server, and any other server software on your local machine. For this, it requires Docker and Docker Compose.


  1. Install docker and docker-compose ;

  2. Copy docker-compose.yml file to your project root path, and edit it according to your needs ;

  3. From your project directory, start up your application by running:

docker-compose up
  1. If you want, you can run composer or artisan through docker. For instance:
docker-compose exec php composer install
docker-compose exec php php artisan migrate
docker-compose exec php $yourCommandHere

Docker Images

These docker images are configured in docker-compose.yml file. You can comment or uncomment some services according to your project.

  • jguyomard/laravel-php:7.3 (this docker image extends php:7.3-fpm-alpine to add some PHP extensions) ;
  • jguyomard/laravel-nginx:1.13 (this docker image extends nginx:1.13-alpine to add Laravel vhost) ;
  • mysql:5.7 ;
  • postgres:9.6-alpine ;
  • redis:4.0-alpine ;
  • elasticsearch:5.5-alpine.

Other tools

This repository also comes with a caspistrano docker image: jguyomard/laravel-capistrano:3.9.

For ease of use, you can create a bash alias:

alias cap='docker run --rm --user cap -v "$PWD":/src -v "$(dirname $SSH_AUTH_SOCK)":"$(dirname $SSH_AUTH_SOCK)" -e SSH_AUTH_SOCK="${SSH_AUTH_SOCK}" jguyomard/laravel-capistrano:3.9 cap'


Contributions are welcome! Leave an issue on Github, or create a Pull Request.


This work is under MIT licence.

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