Alternatives To Dwifft
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6 months ago63November 26, 2023159mitRust
a structural diff that understands syntax 🟥🟩
196 months ago21May 07, 202130apache-2.0Swift
💻 A fast and flexible O(n) difference algorithm framework for Swift collection.
Textdistance3,33014513 months ago26September 28, 20239mitPython
📐 Compute distance between sequences. 30+ algorithms, pure python implementation, common interface, optional external libs usage.
264 years ago12October 22, 201818mitSwift
Swift Diff
226 years ago7September 30, 20178mitSwift
The fastest Diff and patch library in Swift. Includes UICollectionView/UITableView utils.
Nanomorph724225743 years ago33February 18, 202117mitJavaScript
🚅 - Hyper fast diffing algorithm for real DOM nodes
3 years ago4June 08, 202113apache-2.0Swift
💾 A library for backporting UITableView/UICollectionViewDiffableDataSource.
Editscript4232a year ago23March 14, 202311epl-1.0Clojure
A library to diff and patch Clojure/ClojureScript data structures
Vim Diff Enhanced332
4 years agoVim script
Better Diff options for Vim
Htmldiff.net2671149 months ago6October 27, 202335mitC#
Html Diff algorithm for .NET
Alternatives To Dwifft
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