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ProtonMail Theme

New : Theme updated for Protonmail 4.1.1 - 6 oct 2020

Here's your new favorite theme for ProtonMail mail application !

Alt text

Out of the box :

  • New light color theme
  • Better access to folders and badgs
  • Cleaner interface with some UX improvements

Alt text

For advanded users :

  • Options to tweak colors and navigation

It is worth mentioning that Protonmail made this new version so much easier to theme and tweak. Many thanks to the team for these great improvements !

Easy installation !

Since Protonmail 4.1.1, you need to use Stylus extension to customize your Inbox (Source Reddit). You can download it for Firefox or Chrome (But you should really use Firefox)

1 - Copy the CSS from /dist/css/prontmail.css

2 - Paste it in Stylus

You're done !


You can tweak your theme with somes options in the protonmail.scss file.

  • Easily change the color of this theme as you like with CSS vars.
  • $hide-navigation: Hide some navigation links you don't use that much (still accessibles on hover)
  • $hide-message-size: I personnaly don't use the size display for every message. If you need it just set the option to false.

Share love & feedback

Feel free to use, share or tweak as you like ! If you use and like this theme, you're kindly allowed to buy me a beer or a coffee

Feedback is welcome ! You can contact me on twitter or Dribbble

How to build and tweak this theme

Fork or clone this project

Go to your project repository.

Install node modules:

yarn install

Run the Sass watcher:

npm run watch

News & updates

  • Jul 17 2020 - Improvements & bugfixes
  • Feb 1st 2020 - Protonmail Theme 4 is here !
  • Feb 22 2017 - Theme updated for Protonmail 3.7.1

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