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A development environment built upon docker.


The intention of this project is to provide the necessary tools and packages required for a standard golang development environment which is convenient and accessible. The dev-env is built upon the an alpine 3.10 golang image, this includes the following tools/packages:



The dev-env has only been verified on MacOS. It should execute on other operating systems capable of running docker containers, but you may encounter issues.


You'll need Docker to use the dev-env, see Docker for MacOS.



To execute the dev-env, perform the following:

$ git clone
$ cd dev-env
$ ./dev-env


$ git clone
$ cd dev-env
$ ./dev-env no-tmux


This environment uses tmux to manage its window sessions. The environment is configured with the configuration from here, so a big thank you to Gregory Pakosz for the tmux configuration). The tmux key bindings can be found here, with the exception of the horizontal split below (overridden within the environments .tmux.conf.local file):

  • <prefix> \ splits the current pane horizontally

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