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Docker Mailserver based on the famous ISPMail guide. All images are based on Alpine Linux and are so small as possible.

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  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP with user authentication
  • TLS enforced
  • Webmail interface
  • Server-side mail filtering, rule configuration via web frontend
  • Spam- and malware filter
  • Uses RBL (real time black hole lists) to block already known spam senders
  • Greylisting only when incoming mail is likely spam
  • DKIM message signing
  • Web management interface to create / remove accounts, domains and aliases
  • Support of send only accounts which are not allowed to receive but send mails
  • IMAP, POP3 and malware filters can be disabled if they are not used
  • Permanent self testing by Docker's healthcheck feature
  • Developed with high quality assurance standards
  • Address extension (-)

Installation (basic setup)

  1. Run git clone [email protected]:jeboehm/docker-mailserver.git
  2. Copy the file .env.dist to .env and change the variables in it according to your needs. The variables are described in the Wiki.
  3. Run bin/ pull to download the images.
  4. Run bin/ up -d to start the services.
  5. After a few seconds you can access the services listed in the paragraph Services.
  6. Create your first email address and an admin user by running bin/ run --rm web The wizard will ask you a few questions to set everything up.
  7. Now you can login to the management interface with your new account credentials.


Manage users

User overview

Manage aliases

Alias overview

DKIM setup

DKIM setup



Service Address
POP3 (starttls needed)
IMAP (starttls needed)
Mail Submission (starttls needed)
Management Interface
Rspamd Webinterface

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