Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


A Minicraft remake with some neat extras. Beat the fearsome AIR WIZARD to win the game!


Some of the neat extras:

  • Mithril (new material)
  • Iron/Gold/Mithril armor
  • Fancy lighting system
  • Skeleton archers
  • Blue and red slimes
  • Cool new air wizard powers
  • Character customization
  • and much more...


See Releases

See below to build and run for yourself or try to run it out of any decent Java IDE.

Please note that in order to run the .jar file directly you will need at least the Java 14 runtime installed.


  • Mac: $ ./ creates Microcraft-1.0.dmg which contains the application
  • Windows: package.bat creates MICROCRAFT-1.0.exe file which installs MICROCRAFT.exe to C:\Program Files\MICROCRAFT.
  • With any OS and a valid JDK 14+ install, both package.{sh, bat} create out\artifacts\Microcraft_jar\Microcraft.jar which can be run on its own with java -jar out\artifacts\Microcraft_jar\Microcraft.jar

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