Fuse Google Drive

A fuse filesystem wrapper for Google Drive.
Alternatives To Fuse Google Drive
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Google Drive Ocamlfuse4,870
4 months ago181mitOCaml
FUSE filesystem over Google Drive
2 years ago21April 12, 202032mitRust
a FUSE file system based on Google Drive
Laravel Google Cloud Storage4853316a year ago15September 22, 202039mitPHP
A Google Cloud Storage filesystem for Laravel
Fuse Google Drive271
7 years ago18gpl-2.0C
A fuse filesystem wrapper for Google Drive.
7 years ago33Python
A FUSE filesystem for Google Music
3 years ago1mitPython
Use Google Sheets as a Filesystem to get Unlimited Free Cloud Storage
Storage File Transfer Json Python80
6 years ago2apache-2.0Python
Uploads and downloads files between Google Cloud Storage and the local filesystem using the Google Python Client Library.
Node Gdrive Fuse61
5 years ago16JavaScript
This is a simple filesystem written in NodeJS to mount Google Drive as a local drive.
Java Storage Nio5537312 days ago181April 19, 20229apache-2.0Java
23 days ago12mitJava
Awesome, (ad) free, open source file manager for Android
Alternatives To Fuse Google Drive
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fuse-google-drive is a fuse filesystem wrapper for Google Drive released under GPLv2

Currently in alpha stages. Do not trust this for anything important.

A detailed guide to get running on Ubuntu: http://jason-king.info/mount-your-google-drive-readonly-on-linux/


  • read() works, cache not freed until unmount, should detect file updates
  • directory listing works, no heirarchy
  • incorrect stat() info, filesize is correct, fails (as it should) on nonexistant files
  • redirecturi is now hardcoded -- you do not need the file
  • clientsecrets and client id should now be in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/fuse-google-drive/


  • #fuse-google-drive on irc.freenode.net


  • fuse
  • libcurl
  • json-c aka libjson
  • libxml2

Build Dependencies:

  • autotools
  • make

If you are on one of the systems that does not include development files with packages, then make sure you install the development packages for each of the dependencies.


$ ./autogen.sh
$ ./configure
$ make


Right now you need to go to http://code.google.com/apis/console and create a new app and generate a client id and client secret for an install application. The clientid value and clientsecrets value should each go into:


resepectively. You should chmod 700 $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/fuse-google-drive as well. If the folder does not exist at runtime, a helpful message is printed and the directory is created with the correct permissions if possible. Note: If $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is unset on your system, it defaults to ~/.config/.

$ mkdir mountpoint
$ ./fuse-google-drive mountpoint

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