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A simple tool to change your AWS credentials quickly from the commandline.

Currently supports changing your password, will eventually support changing your MFA and Access/Secret Keys


Your AWS users must have the ability to change their own IAM credentials. You can see how to configure this here



Install via homebrew: brew install jaxxstorm/tap/change-aws-credentials


Install the Go binary and place it in your $PATH. You can download the latest version using this handy one-liner:

curl -s | jq -r '.assets[]| select(.browser_download_url | contains("linux")) | .browser_download_url' | wget -i -


Download the latest release from the releases page and install as appropriate.


Assuming you have a working aws credentials file in the usual location ($HOME/.aws) then you can just run the command:

Allows users to quickly reset their AWS credentials without
having to burden an administrator

  change-aws-credentials [flags]
  change-aws-credentials [command]

Available Commands:
  help        Help about any command
  keys        Rotate your AWS keys
  password    Change your AWS Password

  -P, --awsprofile string   AWS Profile to Change Credentials for
      --config string       config file (default is $HOME/.change-aws-password.yaml)
  -h, --help                help for change-aws-credentials

Use "change-aws-credentials [command] --help" for more information about a command.


A docker image is built with every version, just remember to mount your AWS credentials file in the docker container like so:

docker run -it -v $HOME:/root/ change-aws-credentials:latest keys


You can specify the AWS profile you want to change the password for using the -P flag. If you don't explicitly specify this, the tool will warn you which profile you're changing using by checking the AWS_PROFILE environment variable


If you want to contribute, we use glide for dependency management, so it should be as simple as:

  • cloning this repo into $GOPATH/src/
  • run glide install from the directory
  • run go build -o change-aws-credentials main.go

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