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Razzle Unrouted

Sometimes, you don't want to build an SPA.

The Problem with Single Page Applications...

They take a while. For a single view you need to write an API endpoint and then write the data fetch on the client. In contrast, with a good ol' web app, like a 2007-style web app, you just get the data and pass it to your template. memba?

Speaking of templates...

Templates suck. Components kick ass. As it turns out, React is a great templating language. However, in prior projects like express-engine and express-react-views, they required completely separate client-side JavaScript. What does that mean? Well you'd get to use React for templating, but then would need to sprinkle client-side JavaScript wherever you still needed it. For example, modals and buttons and other stuff wouldn't work, because that code was never going to be run in the browser.

The Solution

This is an example of how to solve this problem. Using Razzle, this project shows how you could use Preact as a templating language for Express, but then also reuse the same components on the client (without the need for client-side routing). It works by creating a webpack entry for each component in the views directory and using express middleware to inject props.

Differences from other (p)React apps

  • There is no client-side "router." You just use vanilla <a> tags
  • You'll need to handle CSRF
  • You'll need cookies and sessions for authentication
  • Data is fetched in express controllers (for now)
  • You can ship your idea 2-3x faster than you would with an SPA.

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