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Asp.Net Core multi-tenant application Sample using #SaaSKit

.Net Core 2.1 Support!!!

This application is upgraded to support .Net Core 2.1.

Known Issue

Currently HTTPS redirection is not supported.

Application Architecture

Nothing Complex.

I followed separate database per tenant approach.

In NetCoreSaaS.Data project we have three different context.

  • SystemDbContext holds application/system level data
  • CatalogDbContext holds tenant level data like tenant configuration
  • TenantDbContext holds tenant specific data like tenant user, other tenant data

Steps to run application

  • Create migration file if not created (but its already created under Data folder of NetCoreSaaS.WebHost). If you want to re-create migration later check TempFiles folder in NetCoreSaaS.WebHost for migration scripts. Run System Database and Catalog Database migration only.
  • Run application. Application will itself migrate changes to database with seeding in NetCoreSaaS_Catalogdb with tenant data.
  • For testing purpose, I have configure application to listen request in host http://*.localhost:6001 (you can find configuration in Program.cs file.) Default seeding has only added two tenant which hostname are http://tenant1.localhost:6001 and http://tenant2.localhost:6001 therefore request from only these two hostname will be resolved else tenant will not resolve. You can find seeding in NetCoreSaaS.WebHost > Infrastructures > Helpers > DbHelper folder.
  • Once application is running, go to http://tenant1.localhost:6001 and http://tenant2.localhost:6001 you can find same site for two virtual shop(tenants).
  • You can also perform user signup and login operation with these tenants.

More feature and documentation are comming...

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