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Estilo makes easy to create and maintain colorschemes for vim, airline and lightline.


You're currently looking at Estilo 2 branch (beta version). If you're looking for Estilo 1, please check out node branch.



Deno users

deno install --allow-read --allow-write -n estilo

Other plaforms



Usage: estilo [command]


  • create [folder]: Create an estilo project in [folder] or current folder
  • render [folder]: Render project in [folder] or current folder
  • add-syntax: Add more syntax templates
  • add-airline [styleName]: Add a new Airline style
  • add-lightline [styleName]: Add a new Lightline style
  • help [command]: Show this help or the help of a sub-command.
  • --version: Show the version number.


Upgrading from v1.x

Estilo v2.x uses a different folder structure than previous versions. Rename your estilo folder to estilos and move nvim-term.yml from addons subfolder to estilos folder as terminal.yml

Git repo:

git mv estilo estilos && git mv estilos/addons/nvim-term.yml estilos/terminal.yml


mv estilo estilos && mv estilos/addons/nvim-term.yml estilos/terminal.yml

Colorschemes created with Estilo


Estilo is written in pure Typescript, so you need deno.js 1.7 or higher installed in your computer

Bundle and compile

Estilo needs to be bundled to a single file before being compiled. This command will build Estilo scripts and its assets in dist/estilo.js

deno run --unstable --allow-read --allow-write --allow-net bundler.ts

Then compile with Deno:

deno compile --allow-read --allow-write dist/estilo.js

© 2016-2021 Jacobo Tabernero Rey - Released under MIT License

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