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This repository is no longer maintained.

ToThePenny - is one of the most convenient and easy ways to control personal finances.

Main features:

  • Add new expense records in a convenient way.
  • Backing up and restoring data via iCloud.
  • Accounting for expenses.
  • Handy pie chart.
  • Touch ID support.
  • iOS 9 Spotlight Search.
  • Adding a category when entering the expense. No need to pre-creating category.
  • Easily search for expenses and categories.
  • Ability to quickly adding expense.
  • Detailed statistics.
  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • Unlimited number of expense categories.


  • Follow this instruction to setup the Crashlytics.
    • Add a Run Script Build Phase
    • Add Your API Key
  • Run pod install on project directory(CocoaPods Installation).
  • Open Depoza.xcworkspace.
  • Build & run, enjoy.


I'm Ivan Magda. Email: [email protected]. Twitter: @magda_ivan.

Open Source & Copying

I ship ToThePenny on the App Store for free and provide its entire source code for free as well. In the spirit of openness, I have licensed my work under MIT with additions so that you can use my code in your app, if you choose.

However, I ask that you please do not ship this app under your own account. Paid or free.


This project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License with Additions.

  • You are not able to edit About Page.
  • Delete any copyrights.
  • You are not able to fork/clone/rebuild repository to publish "YOU FORK NAME" to Play Market, ITunes or any app stores.

See the LICENSE file for more information.

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