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Itinero is a routing project for .NET/Mono to calculate routes in a road network. By default the routing network is based on OpenStreetMap (OSM) but it's possible to load any road network. The most important features:

  • Calculating routes from A->B.
  • Calculating distance/time matrices between a set of locations.
  • Processing OSM-data into a routable network.
  • Generating turn-by-turn instructions.
  • Routing on mobile devices and lower-resource environments.

Documentation & Samples

Check the documentation website for documentation and sample code. Don't hesitate to ask questions using an issue or request more documentation on any topic you need.

Other projects

  • routing: The core routing project, used by all other projects.
  • geo: A collection of extensions to Itinero to work with NTS.
  • idp: The data processing project, a CLI tool to process data into routerdb's.
  • routing-api: A routing server that can load routerdb's and accept routing requests over HTTP.


Contributions are always appreciated, especially if they match what's on our roadmap or it fixes a bug. Also check the contribution guidelines before planning anything big. Thanks to past contributions by @Chaz6, @bertt, @jbelien, @pietervdvn, @ironromeo, @jerryfaust and @airbreather.

If you like routing, OpenStreetMap & Itinero get in touch, we may have a job for you!

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