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Chatter App

This is a flutter based modern messaging app where users can sign up and log in to chat with their friends, family, colleagues among groups with enriched User-Experience.

It uses Firebase Cloud Firestore as well as the Firebase authentication package which equips this app with a cloud-based NoSQL database and secure authentication methods.

One of the first simple apps I created while on my journey to learn flutter.

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  1. Font_Awesome_Flutter

  2. Firebase

  3. Firebase_Auth

  4. Animated_Text_Kit

  5. Firebase_Core

  6. Cloud_Firestore

  7. Modal_Progress_Hud

  8. Edge_Alert


Clone the repository
git clone
Move to the desired folder
cd \Chatter-App
To run the app, simply write
flutter run

Requirements to contribute

  • Basic knowledge of programming is mandatory
  • The ability to use Git and GitHub
  • Some knowledge of Dart and how to use Flutter is preferrable for a head start.
  • UI/UX Design skills are appreciable but not mandatory
  • Some idea about Firebase or willingness to learn it

How to make a Pull Request:

1. Fork this repository.

2. Clone the forked repository.

git clone<your-github-username>/Chatter-App

3. Navigate to the project directory.

cd Chatter-App

4. Checkout from master to development branch.

git checkout development

5. Make changes in source code.

6. Commit your changes.

  git add .
  git commit -m "<your_commit_message>"

7. Push your local branch to the remote repository.

git push -u origin development

8. Create a Pull Request!

Congratulations! 💥 Sit and relax, you've made your contribution to [Chatter App] ( project.

Tasks and Features

  • Improve the UI
  • Implementing the App with Features
  • Login Page using Facebook, Google
  • Work on the improvement and building the various pages of the app
  • Database integration with Firebase
  • Have a corresponding Web App for this
  • Analyze further design requirements and integrate

For help getting started with Flutter, view the online documentation, which offers tutorials, samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.

Made with ♥ by ishandeveloper


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