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Oracle APEX Region Plugin - apexChat

Oracle APEX Region Plugin that allows users to quickly create chat region interaction.

Your support means a lot.


Install build version

pre requirements

from build directory:

  1. compile package AX_PLG_SOCKET_CHAT (pks and pkb) in your apex parsing schema.
  2. Import plugin file "region_type_plugin_apex_socket_chat_room.sql" from plugin directory into your application
  3. copy/move node.server directory into your prefered directory
  4. inside terminal navigate into copied node.server directory and run
    npm install
  5. inside node.server, copy or rename file
    cd node.server
    cp config.json
  6. then edit file config.json, there you set node.js port and server ip address or hostname
       "options": {
         "port": "PORT",
         "server": "IP_ADD_OR_HOST"
  7. inside terminal navigate into copied node.server directory and run
    node chat.js &

Plugin Settings

How to

  1. Create a Region on your apex page
  • [X] set Type:[Plug-in]
  • [X] set socket server: http or https link to your node.js server (when you run command "node chat.js &" it will output server ip address or hostname with port. For example "Listening on playground, server_port 8080" then socket server link is http://playground:8080)
  • [X] set Chat room item: apex item on page (or application item) in witch is stored chat room id
  • [X] set Public chat: "Yes"/"No" - option witch defines how chat region behaves, if public all chat messages are visible to everyone, private when someone enter chatroom auto creates room and then generate link where you can send invitations for chat.

Demo Application

Apex chat

More info

The blog post for more technical detail can be found here.

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