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At the end of 2019, I bought a strange mouse with an angular shape, an arrow key, a pair of AB keys, and an almost unusable touch scroll wheel. It would be a nice decoration if I didn't think of it as a mouse. Because of the epidemic of Covid-19, I decided not to bring my MacBook Pro to work. I had to use a Mac Mini at work, and I couldn't find a reason to buy another Magic Mouse to use in the office, I decided to use the strange mouse.

Using a normal mouse in macOS is a terrible thing, the missing gestures and four-way scrolling is a huge problem. For example, there's no way to pan left or right when looking at UI designs. And Swish, my favorite window management tool, doesn't work anymore. So I decided to write an app to fix it, trying to trigger these features by just moving the mouse (and holding some buttons).


The currently supported features are

  • Four-way scrolling (drag-to-scroll by holding down the trigger button and moving the mouse, which may seem odd, but I kind of like it).
  • Half page down.
  • Two-finger swipe gestures (Safari's swipe to back, Reeder's pull to refresh, etc.).
  • Zoom and rotate.
  • Four-finger swipe gestures (Switch between spaces, Mission Control).

About this version

Abnormal Mouse itself is a paid app, but the open-source part does not include code related to software activation. If you compile it yourself, you will be able to use it for free. If you like this app, please consider buying a copy here.

How to use it

You can download a trial version here, or build it yourself:

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Install CocoaPods.
  3. Execute make bootstrap.
  4. Compile and run with Xcode.
  5. Turn off automatically check for updates.


  • If you find a bug, or if there is a feature you want, please feel free to open an issue.

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