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Fileuploader 2.2

Beautiful and powerful HTML file uploading tool. A jQuery, PHP, ASP.NET C# and Node.js plugin that transforms the standard input into a revolutionary, fancy and responsive field on your page.

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jquery file upload plugin


  • Easy to install (3 files only to include in your HTML page)
  • Works in traditional HTML form
  • File preview with image thumbnail or icon
  • File image thumbnail can be generated in canvas to resize it perfectly for given width and height
  • Render synchron the file preview
  • File icon background is generated from file extension
  • Customize your own input and thumbnail elements
  • 8 templates included
  • Responsive and fancy animations
  • Choose multiple files from different folders
  • Drag&Drop feature
  • Instant upload for each file
  • Upload synchron the files
  • Upload progressbar with many data available
  • Start, retry and cancel upload actions
  • Paste images from clipboard (only in Chrome)
  • Image rotating, cropping and resizing tool
  • Image zoomer
  • Exif orientation fix
  • PDF viewer
  • Validate the file's limit, size and extension. You can also use your own function
  • Edit mode for already uploaded files
  • All files are in one list in a hidden input
  • Use input HTML attributes to configurate it
  • HTML template renderer using Text variables
  • CSS file icon
  • PHP upload helper
  • PHP generates an array with many file informations
  • PHP can create a custom file name
  • Avatar example
  • Laravel example
  • MySQL example
  • React component
  • Vue.js component
  • ASP.NET C# file upload class
  • Node.js file upload module
  • Amazon S3 file upload plugin
  • API and more than 24 Callbacks to manipulate freely the appearance and functionality of your file input
  • 18 different examples that you can use
  • Multilingual - 14 languages available
  • Fully commented and documented in more than 6243 words

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