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INim: Interactive Nim Shell nimble Nim CI

$ nimble install inim

alt text


  • Runs on Linux, macOS and Windows
  • Auto-indent (if, for, proc, var, ...)
  • Arrow keys support (command history and line navigation)
  • Prints out value and type of discarded expressions: >>> x
  • Uses current nim compiler in PATH
  • Runs in the current directory: import your local modules (access to exported* symbols)
  • Preload existing source code (access to non-exported* symbols): inim -s example.nim
  • Optional Colorized output
  • Edit lines using $EDITOR (Ctrl-X)
  • Built in tools like ipython (cd(), ls(), pwd(), call()) enabled with --withTools


Config is saved and loaded from configDir / inim.

  • On Windows, this is %APPDATA%\inim
  • On Linux, this is /home//.config/inim

Currently, the config allows you to set two options:

  • Style
    • prompt: Set prompt string (default: "inim> ")
    • showTypes: Show var types when printing without echo (default: true)
    • showColor: Output results with pretty colors
  • History
    • persistent history (default: true)
  • Features
    • withTools: Enable built in tools


Pull requests and suggestions are welcome.

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