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Welcome to django-notifyAll's documentation !

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A library which can be used for all types of notifications like SMS, Mail, Push.

  • Supports Python 3+

Documenation :


Every application today is dependent on sending out some form of notification - SMS, email or Push. There is no single interface available to manage either the notification type or the notification service provider.

For SMS +++++++

  • Plivo
  • Twilio

both have their own SDK and API

For Push ++++++++

  • Apple Push
  • Android Push

both have their own SDK and API (though Firebase could be used as a single interface)

For Email +++++++++

  • The same problem.


This library aims to provide a uniform interface to all the developers to use any notification mechanism, from any service provider.


Work in progress, the basic idea is to follow the lead of django-allauth_.

.. _django-allauth:

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