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Meteor Reactivity for your React Native application :)
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React Native Meteor70010437a year ago69July 09, 2018133mitJavaScript
Meteor Reactivity for your React Native application :)
Redis Oplog367
3 months ago15December 06, 201660mitJavaScript
Redis Oplog implementation to fully replace MongoDB Oplog in Meteor
Redis Livedata147
8 years ago1February 05, 201516JavaScript
Realtime data-sync support for Redis in Meteor
Meteor Peerdb127
4 years ago7October 06, 201615bsd-3-clauseCoffeeScript
Reactive database layer with references, generators, triggers, migrations, etc.
Meteor Reactive Publish123
2 years ago2August 01, 20165bsd-3-clauseCoffeeScript
Reactive publish endpoints
Meteor Doc Cn71
8 years agoJavaScript
a day ago3mitTypeScript
SignalDB is a local JavaScript database with a MongoDB-like interface and TypeScript support, enabling optimistic UI with signal-based reactivity across multiple frameworks. It integrates easily with libraries like Angular, Solid.js, Preact, and Vue, simplifying data management with schema-less design, in-memory storage, and fast queries.
9 years ago1September 24, 20141JavaScript
javascript in-memory implementation of Redis API with observe changes interface and reactivity
Kickstart Meteor Vue Huge App49
8 years ago1Vue
Example meteor project featuring vue, code-splitting and hot-reload
Meteor Mongo Extensions42
10 years ago1August 03, 20148CoffeeScript
Very simple implementation of some of mongodb aggregation framework functions for Meteor
Alternatives To React Native Meteor
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react-native-meteor npm version Dependency Status

Meteor-like methods for React Native.

If you have questions, you can open a new issue in the repository or ask in the our Gitter chat:

What is it for ?

The purpose of this library is :

  • To set up and maintain a ddp connection with a ddp server, freeing the developer from having to do it on their own.
  • Be fully compatible with react-native and help react-native developers.
  • To match with Meteor documentation used with React.


yarn add react-native-meteor


npm i --save react-native-meteor

!! See detailed installation guide

Compatibility notes

Since RN 0.26.0 you have to use ws or wss protocol to connect to your meteor server. http is not working on Android.

It is recommended to always use the latest version of react-native-meteor compatible with your RN version:

Example usage

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { View, Text } from 'react-native';
import Meteor, { withTracker, MeteorListView } from 'react-native-meteor';

Meteor.connect('ws://192.168.X.X:3000/websocket'); //do this only once

class App extends Component {
  renderRow(todo) {
    return <Text>{todo.title}</Text>;
  render() {
    const { settings, todosReady } = this.props;

    return (
        {!todosReady && <Text>Not ready</Text>}

          selector={{ done: true }}
          options={{ sort: { createdAt: -1 } }}

export default withTracker(params => {
  const handle = Meteor.subscribe('todos');

  return {
    todosReady: handle.ready(),
    settings: Meteor.collection('settings').findOne(),




Want to help ?

Pull Requests and issues reported are welcome! :)


react-native-meteor is MIT Licensed.

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