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Awesome Open Source


A Fluent-style Notepad-application because Microsoft doesn't make it.

The design of the app has been inspired by the work of Michael West, go give that man your cheers over on his website ;)

Get the app

For purists: you can build and tinker with the project yourself.

For anyone else who hasn't lost his/her mind yet: you can also just download the signed app from the Microsoft Store here

Supported Windows versions

Minimal supported Windows 10 version: 16299 (Fall Creators Update)

Minimal supported Windows 10 version (mobile-branch): 15086 (Creators Update)

Currently supported systems:

  • Windows 10 Desktop ✔
  • Windows 10 Mobile ✔ --> Using the Mobile-branch
  • Windows 10 Team ✔
  • Windows 10 Holographic ✔
  • Windows 10 Xbox ❌


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