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Igni is a php7 anti-framework with built-in swoole server and modular architecture support to help you quickly write scalable PSR-7 and PSR-15 compilant REST services.

Its main objective it to be as much transparent and as less visible for your application as possible.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Igni\Application\Config;
use Igni\Application\HttpApplication;
use Igni\Application\Providers\ConfigProvider;
use Igni\Network\Http\Response;
use Igni\Network\Http\Request;

$application = new HttpApplication();

// Routing
$application->get('/hello/{name}', function (Request $request) : Response {
    return Response::asText("Hello {$request->getAttribute('name')}.");

// Middleware - no interfaces no binding with framework code is required in order things to work.
$application->use(function($request, /** callable|RequestHandlerInterface */$next) {
    $response = $next($request);
    return $response->withAddedHeader('Version', $this->getConfig()->get('version'));

// Extending application is a brief just create and implement methods for your needs.
$application->extend(new class implements ConfigProvider {
    public function provideConfig(Config $config): void {
        $config->set('version', '1.0');


Installation and requirements

Recommended installation way of the Igni Framework is with composer:

composer install igniphp/framework


  • php 7.1 or better
  • swoole extension for build-in http server support

What's new

With version 2.0 network package was extracted from the framework code, error handling was overall improved as well as Server's listeners. More details can be found in changelog file.

Quick start

Alternatively you can start using framework with quick start which contains bootstrap application.



Igni router is based on very fast symfony routing library.

PSR-7, PSR-15 Support

Igni fully supports PSR message standards for both manipulating http response, request and http middlwares.

Dependency Injection and Autoresolving

Igni autoresolves dependencies for you and provides intuitive dependency container. It also allows you to use any PSR compatible container of your choice.

Modular architecture

Modular and scalable solution is one of the most important aspects why this framework was born. Simply create a module class, implement required interfaces and extend application by your module.

Performant, production ready http server

No nginx nor apache is required when swoole is installed, application can be run the same manner as in node.js world:

php examples/build_in_server_example.php

Igni's http server is as fast as express.js application with almost 0 configuration.

Detailed documentation

Detailed documentation and more examples can be found here and in examples directory.

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