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iOS and Android Apps with Framework7 Vue & H5Plus - develop, build and deploy - free and open source!


  • framework7 ^1.6.5
  • framework7-vue ^0.8.5


F7VueH5Plus use npm to manage third-party packages now.

Then install all dependencies, in repo's root:

$ sudo npm install 

Mock Server

Before create your first cordova app, please install http-server globally so that you can run a mock server with zero configuration.

$ sudo npm install http-server -g

in repo's root:

$ http-server ./mock_api -p 4000 --cors

Check out source code

$ cd F7VueH5Plus  
$ git init   
$ git remote add origin  
$ git fetch  
$ git reset --hard origin/master  

Build the App

Run the following command to iteratively build the project:

$ sudo npm run build

Web App Guides


F7VueH5Plus use webpack browser sync server to develop, Just run it in repo's root:

$ sudo npm run dev

Web app will be available on http://localhost:3000/


$ sudo npm run build

The result is available in www/ folder.


Copyright (c) 2017 MIT Licensed, see [LICENSE] for details.

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