An HTTP library for Rust
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Hyper11,8736,1262,8269 days ago217July 07, 2022207mitRust
An HTTP library for Rust
7 years ago6otherRust
Teepee, the Rust HTTP toolkit
Rust Http391
7 years ago2December 06, 201416otherRust
Completely OBSOLETE Rust HTTP library (server and client)
Routerify30813a year ago23December 24, 202118mitRust
A lightweight, idiomatic, composable and modular router implementation with middleware support for the Rust HTTP library hyper.rs
122 years agoApril 16, 201720mpl-2.0PureScript
Type-safe, statically checked composition of HTTP servers
Rust Ipfs Api209775 months ago24December 31, 202223apache-2.0Rust
IPFS HTTP client in Rust
Multipart186474535 months ago57May 29, 202120mitRust
A backend-agnostic extension for file uploads in HTTP libraries for Rust
2 months ago9May 20, 20227mitRust
Simple and fast Web server
Hyperlocal1393128a year ago9December 28, 202012mitRust
🔌 ✨rustlang hyper bindings for local unix domain sockets
2 months ago5mitHTML
An Hyper Http file upload server
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crates.io Released API docs MIT licensed CI Discord chat

A fast and correct HTTP implementation for Rust.

Note: hyper's master branch is currently preparing breaking changes. For the most recently released code, look to the 0.14.x branch.

  • HTTP/1 and HTTP/2
  • Asynchronous design
  • Leading in performance
  • Tested and correct
  • Extensive production use
  • Client and Server APIs

Get started by looking over the guides.


hyper is a relatively low-level library, meant to be a building block for libraries and applications.

If you are looking for a convenient HTTP client, then you may wish to consider reqwest. If you are not sure what HTTP server to choose, then you may want to consider axum or warp, the latter taking a more functional approach. Both are built on top of this library.


To get involved, take a look at CONTRIBUTING.

If you prefer chatting, there is an active community in the Discord server.


hyper is provided under the MIT license. See LICENSE.

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