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alimask 是一个使用 canvas 生成类似阿里巴巴内部网站水印图片的 JavaScript 库。Online demo here.

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1. Install

npm install alimask

Then import it.

<script type="text/javascript" src="dist/alimask.min.js"></script>
// or
var alimask = require('alimask');
// or
import alimask from 'alimask';

Then use alimask(text, options) API.

alimask('王小为(小为) 888888');

alimask('王小为(小为) 888888', { color: '#f6dcd7' });

alimask('小泥巴(小美) 888888', { alpha: 0.5 });

2. API

The unique API is: alimask(text, options).

  • text (String): required, the text in the watermark image.
  • options (Object): optional, the options of watermark, with keys below:
    • width (Number): default is 250.
    • height (Number): default is 80.
    • color (String): the text color, default is #ebebeb.
    • alpha (Float): the text alpha(0 ~ 1), default is 0.8.
    • font (String): the text font style, default is 10px Arial.

The api return the base64 string of watermark image which can be used in css background / img tag.

3. Build & Test

npm install

npm run build

npm test


MIT @hustcc

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