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This project is no longer supported, please refer to the fork at

Color of Image is used to extract a color palette from a given image. Aside from being a native PHP implementation, Color of Image differes from many palette extracters as it works off a white list color palette. Below is the default palette:

The main advanage of working from a color palette is closer matching, as each pixel simply has to calculate the color-distance within the palatte and chose the best match. This is useful for working with color taxonomies as the taxonomy should have a finate amount of colors.

See an example of this in action here:


// initiate with image
$image = new ColorsOfImage( '' );

// get the prominent colors
$colors = $image->getProminentColors(); // array( '#FFFDD', ... )

And there we go!



By default, ColorsOfImage will process every 10th pixel. This is for performance reasons, you can change this like below. The precision is a performance-to-time desicion.

$image = new ColorsOfImage( $src, 5 /* precision */ );

Color Count

To control the amount colors returned set the third parameter.

$image = new ColorsOfImage( $src, 5, 3 /* number of colors to return */ );

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