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Awesome Open Source

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A list of neat projects made in Taiwan

🇹🇼 台灣加油!

Taiwan Developers on Github



🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @hexojs/hexo A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js. ↗️
💫 @chentsulin/electron-react-boilerplate Live editing development on desktop app
💫 @Yoctol/bottender Make Bots in Your Way, Fast and Flexibly ↗️
💫 @gsklee/ngStorage localStorage and sessionStorage done right for AngularJS.
💫 @AllenFang/react-bootstrap-table It's a react table for bootstrap ↗️
💫 @EragonJ/Trip.js Trip.js is a plugin that can help you customize a tutorial trip easily with more flexibilities. ( Based on jQuery ) ↗️
💫 @vinta/pangu.js 為什麼你們就是不能加個空格呢? ↗️
💫 @ByronHsu/life-commit 🏃📆 Life as a git. Commit on your life. ↗️
💫 @EragonJ/Kaku The next generation music client ↗️
💫 @timdream/wordcloud2.js Tag cloud/Wordle presentation on 2D canvas or HTML ↗️
💫 @timdream/wordcloud HTML5 Word Cloud ↗️
💫 @comdan66/browser_console_qrcode Painting QR Code on the browser Console. 瀏覽器 Console 印出 QR Code. ↗️
💫 @chentsulin/koa-graphql Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Koa.
💫 @chentsulin/react-native-counter-ios-android Minimal implement of redux counter example on ReactNative iOS and Android
💫 @cfsghost/npk Node.js packaging utility
💫 @othree/node-r3 r3 binding on node.js ↗️
💫 @cfsghost/lantern Basic Isomorphic Boilerplate for secondary development
💫 @comdan66/OA-richman 這是一個使用 google maps api 製作的大富翁遊戲! ↗️
💫 @penk/mkxpud Image Generator for xPUD project ↗️
💫 @penk/SlateKit Open Source Tablet UX Building Kit
💫 @chitsaou/copy-as-markdown Copying Link, Image and Tab(s) as Markdown Much Easier.
💫 @timdream/jszhuyin JS 注音:JavaScript 自動選字注音輸入法;"Smart" Chinese Zhuyin Input Method in JavaScript. ↗️
💫 @comdan66/OA-material Material ui design for the web ↗️
💫 @chentsulin/generator-redux-app Scaffold out a redux app
💫 @chentsulin/redux-boilerplate Another boilerplate for personal usage
💫 @timdream/wordfreq Text corpus calculation in Javascript. Supports Chinese, English. ↗️
💫 @chentsulin/sweetalert-react Using sweetalert in React ↗️
💫 @gasolin/webbymouse Turn your mobile phone into Air Mouse and touchpad with full web technology
💫 @chilijung/gulp-cssmin minify css using gulp
💫 @chentsulin/koa-graphql-relay-example Todo example for koa-graphql and relay
💫 @Inndy/sligen Pitching like a boss ↗️
💫 @chitsaou/no-wang-wang 自動拒看旺旺中時集團旗下所有網路媒體 ↗️
💫 @penk/qml-handwriting Open source handwriting recognition keyboard written in QML/JavaScript ↗️
💫 @doggy8088/ng-kp-api-sample 本專案依據「野生柯P官網」的 API 使用範例,修改成 AngularJS 版本 ↗️
💫 @chentsulin/webpack-target-electron-renderer webpack target function for electron renderer
💫 @timdream/html5-file-upload Upload files using interfaces supplied by HTML5 browsers, instead of SWFUpload or IFRAME. ↗️
💫 @kevinbird61/docogen 從文件格式(json,md)轉換成 LaTeX 格式的 pdf 做輸出 (簡易說明) ↗️, demo,npm package
💫 @chentsulin/redux-intro
💫 @timdream/simworker Simulated Web Workers ↗️
💫 @zhusee2/bumbler-to-speech An experiment of Audio Sprites ↗️
💫 @JohnAlbin/chroma Chroma: The Sass color manager ↗️
💫 @cfsghost/restpack Library to pack/unpack data for restful API
💫 @chitsaou/no-per-script-font No Per-Script Font! Chrome & Safari Extensions that stops per-script font fallback ↗️
💫 @JohnAlbin/tests Just a place to test ↗️
💫 @cfsghost/fluxer.js Powerful front-end framework for Flux
💫 @gsklee/bound-native-methods Bound native virtual methods to be used together with ES7 :: bind operator.
💫 @timdream/google-oauth2-web-client Login with Google using OAuth2 for client-side web app ↗️
💫 @cfsghost/makerboard Utility and emulator for development boards
💫 @chentsulin/react-native-intro An introduction to react native ↗️
💫 @chitsaou/git-io-shortener Shorten GitHub URL with in one click. (a Google Chrome extension) ↗️
💫 @jollen/android-browser-websocket Enable WebView to support WebSocket client connection.
💫 @clonn/simple-livereload simeple livereload
💫 @othree/tern-coffee Use a walk around way to let tern.js play with CoffeeScript. ↗️
💫 @gasolin/webbybot chatterbot written in es6 (es2015), fork from hubot
💫 @racklin/newshelper-firefox 新聞小幫手 Firefox 附加元件 ↗️
💫 @JohnAlbin/flower-power The “Flower Power” Component Style Guide ↗️
💫 @cfsghost/fluky Framework with flux data flow pattern
💫 @cfsghost/redtea RedTea Web Framework
💫 @cfsghost/node-array Extending the array object for Node.js
💫 @pct/free-admin-templates Free Admin Templates Collection
💫 @yurenju/jscallgraph
💫 @yurenju/ptt-redirect
💫 @chentsulin/simple-koa2-example
💫 @timdream/gaia-keyboard-demo Online demo page for Mozilla Firefox OS Keyboard ↗️
💫 @cfsghost/AppHouse Hosting platform for node.js application
💫 @timdream/invoice-helper 我要開發票:手開發票檢查小幫手。 ↗️
💫 @clonn/sails-talk-demo Quick demo, use Angular.js and Sails.js to build a realtime chatroom app.
💫 @clonn/iloveck101 ck101 downloader Node.js version, save your time, and fullfill your harddisk.
💫 @timdream/rep-locator 尋找您的民意代表 ↗️
💫 @cfsghost/Kamalan Kamalan Web Framework
💫 @yurenju/fb-comments-fetcher
💫 @cfsghost/wag.js Feature-oriented based application Framework
💫 @othree/fetcher WHATWG fetch helper, inspired by jQuery.ajax ↗️
💫 @tony1223/antispite-extension chrome extension for antispite
💫 @racklin/moedict-jquery-plugin moedict for jquery plugin
💫 @clonn/module-loader express, module auto loader
💫 @clonn/angular-express angular and express in brunch
💫 @jollen/html5-websocket-nodejs Simples for WebSocket and Node.js ↗️
💫 @morris821028/jquery-hex-gallery create beautiful hexagon shapes with CSS3, jquery ↗️
💫 @chentsulin/react-scrolla React Infinite Scroll Component
💫 @JohnAlbin/support-for Allows Sass authors to conditionally add support for specific browser versions
💫 @chilijung/gulp-csv2json gulp plugin csv to json
💫 @yurenju/nomore-fb-redirect
💫 @cfsghost/jsdx-connman JSDX Connection Manager API
💫 @chentsulin/radium-intro
💫 @EragonJ/Stepper.js Stepper - a lightweight step-by-step flow generator ↗️
💫 @cfsghost/courser Route manager for express web framework
💫 @chentsulin/learn-programming Resource of web programming course
💫 @zhusee2/NextMedia5 Watch HTML5 video on Apple Daily News website
💫 @chentsulin/generator-koa2 Scaffold out a koa2 app
💫 @gsklee/estraits
💫 @zhusee2/coverTunes The expanded view from iTuness 11, for the web.
💫 @othree/f2e-courses
💫 @chilijung/dbox-cli A dropbox cli interface written in nodejs
💫 @chentsulin/koa-bearer-token Bearer token parser middleware for koa
💫 @yungshenglu/docogen-html 配合 docogen 的模組,主要從文件格式 (json,md) 轉換成 html 網頁格式 (簡易說明) ↗️, demo
💫 @kevinbird61/papogen 從文件格式(主要以 markdown 為主, 另外支援特定格式的 json,yaml) 快速生成 html (簡易說明 ↗️, demo(markdown), demo(json,yaml),npm package
💫 @timdream/hmm A simple Hidden Markov Model implementation ↗️
💫 @gsklee/angular-demo-formbuilder
💫 @cfsghost/frex.js A framework for creating modern web applications
💫 @clonn/beauty-scraper scrap image from
💫 @gasolin/postcss-bidirection PostCSS plugin that polyfill Bi-directional CSS properties and values to suppot rtl and ltr rules in single syntax
💫 @doggy8088/typescript-webconf2013 這是 Will 保哥在 WebConf 2013 Taiwan 演講【TypeScript 開發實戰:開發即時互動的 HTML5 WebSocket 聊天室應用程式】的 LIVE DEMO 原始碼 ↗️
💫 @racklin/greutils
💫 @timdream/jszhuyin-firefox An offline Smart Zhuyin IME add-on for Firefox. Built on top of JSZhuyin and add-on SDK. ↗️
💫 @gasolin/aframe-href-component ↗️
💫 @tony1223/ 整理成語點資料
💫 @chentsulin/github-latest-release Get latest release information from github repository using github api
💫 @tony1223/2016votemap
💫 @gsklee/frontier Frontier is a front-tier frontend libstack. No pun intended.
💫 @tony1223/zk-codeeditor a ZK component for codemirror integration
💫 @penk/OkudagramsJS null
💫 @jollen/simple-iot-runtime Build JavaScript unikernel from scratch ↗️
💫 @othree/mootools-deferred Deferred object from jQuery
💫 @chentsulin/rectimage Crop image to rectangle
💫 @clonn/ydl youtube download library
💫 @chentsulin/http-client-debug debug utils for http-client
💫 @zhusee2/TaiwanWeather Extension for checking weather in Taiwan, with source from Central Weather Bureau
💫 @othree/WritePub WritePub is a project similar to tiddlyWiki. It helps author can write and publish e-book easily. ↗️
💫 @jollen/nodejs-express Node.js 雲端技術與軟體思惟 ↗️
💫 @chentsulin/koa-snake-res Snake case json response transform middleware for koa
💫 @tony1223/zktouch A mobile component set for zk
💫 @tony1223/zipcodetwJS
💫 @cfsghost/juice-panel Panel of Juice Desktop Environment
💫 @yurenju/pocket-archive-all null
💫 @yurenju/mobile-weather
💫 @chentsulin/redux-example WIP
💫 @timdream/zh-font-tweak Overwrite default Chinese fonts settings in Firefox. ↗️
💫 @othree/immutable-quadtree-js Immutable Quadtree in JS
💫 @hlb/iamhlb-com My personal website powered by webby ↗️
💫 @chentsulin/kktix-event-listener
💫 @gasolin/webby send command to your internet assistant through the web ↗️
💫 @chentsulin/loaders-by-extension A mirror library from webpack/react-starter
💫 @cfsghost/bootstrap-tagsinput Tags input jQuery plugin, based on bootstrap front-end framework
💫 @chentsulin/koa-context-validator A robust context validator for koajs. Use Joi behind the scenes.
💫 @pct/moedict-ios-app 萌字典線上版
💫 @chilijung/csvlint.js Linting CSV file and report warnings or errors, implementing specification rfc4180.
💫 @racklin/xulapp-starterkit-app-webapp-wrapper Webapp Wrapper is a simple build script for XULApp StarterKit. It packaging HTML5 Web Application as XULApp StarterKit's add-on.
💫 @zhusee2/Nixie-Clock null
💫 @chilijung/ Taiwan culture ↗️
💫 @timdream/cacertblock CA Untrustworthy: Delete or disable CA certificates owned by CNNIC
💫 @clonn/livereload-node livereload node.js version
💫 @chentsulin/lrcf Transform LRC to JSON data(WIP)
💫 @doggy8088/ctjs2016-ng2demo 此為 Will 保哥在 2016/6/25 CTJS 中台灣 JavaScript Conference 的現場展示程式碼 ↗️
💫 @clonn/node-module-example node modules collections for personal usage.
💫 @cfsghost/stemmer Build system for Stem OS
💫 @chentsulin/electron-boilerplate
💫 @cfsghost/fulfill Fulfill is a web service template, based on Node.js, frex.js and Semantic UI.
💫 @cfsghost/jsdx-disk Disk API of JSDX Framework
💫 @EragonJ/plurkable Lightweight jQuery plugin that you can easily customize your own plurk widget. ↗️
💫 @othree/ othree's github page ↗️
💫 @cfsghost/Node-Traning-20160601
💫 @othree/robust-video HTML5 video have various implement in different platform. With different behaviors. This library trying to sync it.
💫 @gasolin/fxosbmi BMI demo for FxOS
💫 @chilijung/jquery-frontier-cal mirror repo
💫 @chentsulin/react-karaoke-lyric Display karaoke lyric progress via React ↗️
💫 @jollen/cccount Ultra fast Chinese character counter
💫 @cfsghost/AppHouse-Manager Management of AppHouse
💫 @tony1223/zk-notification a notification component implementation, Simple Demo
💫 @zhusee2/Rubylizer An attempt for a WYSIWYG editor
💫 @chentsulin/react-window-state Pass updated window width and height as props on resize
💫 @vinta/Hauler Demo site for Haul ↗️
💫 @othree/jquery.rtl-scroll-type Detect scrollLeft type under RTL language
💫 @chentsulin/create-action-types create flux ActionTypes less verbose
💫 @chilijung/join-path Simple path join and dirname functions for generic javascript
💫 @chilijung/form.js use Javascript creating crazy forms and inputs
💫 @chentsulin/generator-cnm Fork from sindresorhus/generator-nm for personal usage
💫 @chilijung/nman node man page for easy access readme documents, just like linux man page but reading node modules!
💫 @EragonJ/Rapidly This helper can help you set your API routes/actions rapidly based on Express.js
💫 @EragonJ/beethoven
💫 @EragonJ/Kaku-app This is the core repo for Kaku's mobile app
💫 @EragonJ/country-info This is a library that helps to get general country information
💫 @chilijung/gulp-jsmin jsmin in gulp
💫 @racklin/xulapp-starterkit-addon-dominspector DOM Inspector 2.0.12 for XULApp StarterKit.
💫 @yurenju/appendectomy-webclient
💫 @racklin/moedict-addon-app moedict-app addon for moedict-desktop
💫 @yurenju/mlymap
💫 @racklin/xulapp-starterkit-app-hello-demo This is Hello Demo For XULApp StarterKit using add-ons mechanism.
💫 @zhusee2/boycott-helper 網站抵制小幫手 Safari Extension,幫你阻擋你想抵制的網站 ↗️
💫 @tony1223/zk-rating zk rating component
💫 @zhusee2/countdownForEveryone 搭配《全民倒數計時器》( 一起使用的 Safari 延伸套件。
💫 @tony1223/tpe-2016-budget write a program to convert excel to json
💫 @zhusee2/facebook5 An extension to enable video playback through HTML5 video
💫 @tony1223/bookshare softjob bookshare project
💫 @zhusee2/albumJ An layout for large-photo showcase ↗️
💫 @gsklee/
💫 @zhusee2/QuieterPlurk A Safari Extension to close the auto-displaying register window in Plurk when visiting a Plurk page without login.
💫 @doggy8088/RouteConstraintsSample 這是一個示範 ASP.NET MVC 裡「反向表列」路由限制的 RegEx 規則範例
💫 @clonn/node-demo node.js app demo ↗️
💫 @doggy8088/TWZipCode-AngularJS 台灣郵遞區號兩層下拉選單的 AngularJS 版
💫 @clonn/rest-client connect to other RESTful service
💫 @penk/web-obex web-based UI of obexftp to download and play music from mobile phone ↗️
💫 @clonn/fig-node fig, a docker tool, for quick runs web, database ... this is node.js server example.
💫 @poying/elm-shadow
💫 @clonn/webPos
💫 @ccwang002/2013-RConf-ggplot2-intro ↗️
💫 @timdream/ie9toss HTML5 demo made at IE9 Hackathon held by Microsoft Taiwan ↗️
💫 @morris821028/NodejsWebDemo Nodejs, Express, MySQL website for login/register.
💫 @othree/gulp-attr-remover Remove element attribute if predicate is true ↗️
💫 @cfsghost/qantacy Graphical UI Framework with Node.js
💫 @othree/es6-skeleton ES6 project seed
💫 @cfsghost/backlogger Backlog API in Node.js
💫 @chilijung/geojson-gmap geojson rendering in google map.
💫 @cfsghost/jsdx-ofono oFono API to support SMS/VoiceCalling/SIM and Modem Management
💫 @zhusee2/web-speech ↗️
[![💫][fpEs-shield]][fpEs] @TeaEntityLab/fpEs A small library provides simple usages of basic FP & pattern-matching/sumtype & MonadIO/Rx & Optional for Javascript. ↗️


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @leolin310148/ShortcutBadger An Android library supports badge notification like iOS in Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC launchers.
💫 @JustinSDK/JavaSE6Tutorial Java SE 6 技術手冊 ↗️
💫 @wuman/android-oauth-client Android OAuth Client (android-oauth-client) is a library that helps to easily add an OAuth flow to an existing Android application.
💫 @ened/Android-Tiling-ScrollView A tiling scrollview to display large picture (similar to iOS "CATiledLayer")
💫 @mosil/Android-Mosil-Sample-Toolbar
💫 @wuman/JReadability Java port of Arc90's Readability.js - parses HTML as input and returns clean, easy-to-read text ↗️
💫 @walkingice/gui-sliding-sidebar Provide a sliding sidebar which is like Facebook Android app
💫 @shakalaca/learning_gradle_android Learning how to build gradle enabled android project
💫 @ened/Android-MarqueeView Custom MarqueeView container
💫 @enginebai/Movie-lol-android Movie information & comment android app
💫 @hearsilent/Universal-CollapsingTabLayout CollapsingToolbarLayout with TabLayout ↗️
💫 @hearsilent/PixelSlide A up/down expand arrow anim sample likes Pixel Launcher.
💫 @hearsilent/AmazingAvatar An android amazing avatar anim in CollapsingToolbarLayout. ↗️
💫 @wuman/AndroidImageLoader Andorid library that loads images asynchronously into cache using a thread pool ↗️
💫 @shakalaca/UniversalAndroot One click and your Android device is rooted ! ↗️
💫 @wuman/TwoLevelLruCache A two-level LRU cache composed of a smaller L1 cache in memory and a larger L2 cache on disk ↗️
💫 @macdidi5/PiCommander 使用Android App控制與監控Raspberry Pi連接的硬體設備,例如LED與蜂鳴器。連接繼電器模組,也可以控制家用電器。
💫 @sih4sing5hong5/google-sites-liberation This is an import/export tool for Google Sites. ↗️
💫 @wuman/orientdb-android Android Port of OrientDB: A NoSQL Document Graph DBMS ↗️
💫 @parkghost/TOTP-authentication-demo This is a simple web application which implement Two-Factor authentication by TOTP and Google Authenticator ↗️
💫 @weitsai/iHelp-android 不必透過聲音就能夠報案的 App,主要對象為使用手機對話不方便者為主。
💫 @leolin310148/GradleAndroidAspectJPlugin Gradle plugin for android with aspectJ, supports retrolambda.
💫 @weitsai/Android-OCR-Example 使用 tess-two 來辨識文字
💫 @shakalaca/RecyclerViewSample Play with RecyclerView / CardView / Palette in Android L Preview
💫 @macdidi5/PiTurtleCar Raspberry Pi 視訊遙控車,有WiFi與藍牙兩個版本
💫 @kewang/map-controller Control Google Maps v2 for Android ↗️
💫 @shakalaca/BeautyClockLiveWallpaper Shows beauty tokei on your Android device !
💫 @sih4sing5hong5/han3_ji7_tsoo1_kian3 漢字組建:快速產生漢語用字、古書、姓名。 ↗️
💫 @JustinSDK/JavaSE8Tutorial Java SE 8 技術手冊
💫 @leolin310148/AndroidDesignSupportLibraryExamples Simple examples for android design support library
💫 @mosil/Android-Mosil-Sample-NavDrawer Material design on android (Side Nav) Android 中,Material design 風格的 navigation drawer,在 guildline 中對之定名為 Side Nav(
💫 @TakumaMochizuki/SimpleMaterialTabPager Simple to use Material Tabs with Pager
💫 @parkghost/NoSQLBenchmark NoSQLBenchmark is a stress test toolkit for test NoSQL ↗️
💫 @wuman/LruSoftCache A modified version of Android LruCache that uses SoftReference
💫 @macdidi5/SmartParkingSystem 2015 Java/Orale Database認證日-未來的浪潮,Java嵌入式、Raspberry Pi與樂高Mindstorms EV3
💫 @TakumaMochizuki/ORMComparison Compare performance of ORM libraries between ormlite, greedao, and realm
💫 @parkghost/spring-asynchronous-future-composition Spring framework @Async + google guava ListenableFuture
💫 @shakalaca/USB-OTG-Manager Thumb disk reader for Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
💫 @shakalaca/Findbooks Android client scans ISBN of books and searches online book store in Taiwan
💫 @wuman/android-bsf-api Apache Bean Scripting Framework API for Android ↗️
💫 @shakalaca/LogcatLiveWallpaper Android LiveWallpaper displays output of logcat
💫 @mosil/Android-Mosil-Sample-NavigationDrawer Android Navigation Drawer
💫 @mitaketw/sms-java Mitake SMS library for Java
💫 @sih4sing5hong5/Android_with_JBehave Andoird專案jbehave設定
💫 @TakumaMochizuki/CircularProgressImageView You can use progress bar to know what progress for anything with image
💫 @wuman/DogFan お父さん扇風機 for Android
💫 @wuman/AndroidFeedLoader A library that helps you build Android ContentProviders that feeds from Web APIs ↗️
💫 @ened/Silk A library containing a set of utilities and views for Android apps, such as fragments that load from the web and automatically cache their contents locally.
💫 @mosil/Android-Mosil-Sample-Gradle-Keystore
💫 @shakalaca/ScreenNotifier Missed event (call/sms) notifier for Samsung Galaxy S (i9000)
💫 @enginebai/web-content Web content parse and extraction API written in Java
💫 @Gasol/noggit
💫 @weitsai/FoodMenu 點餐機 ↗️
💫 @weitsai/THSRReceipt-Android
💫 @ened/SnappyRecyclerView
💫 @TakumaMochizuki/KPSDK The SDK use the "柯文哲 野生官網 Unlimited" api (
💫 @leolin310148/SpeedMyAndroid A lazy library for lazy guy.
💫 @leolin310148/Simple-Taiwan-Stock-Android
💫 @viirya/android-delicious-bookmarks-fork A fork of android-delicious-bookmarks project
💫 @walkingice/Fhomee Fhomee = Fun + Free + Home + me (is pronounced Phone-me)
💫 @walkingice/0xbench-obsolete This repository is just for memory. It reminds how I write this applications :-), if you are looking for lastest 0xbench, its not here.
💫 @viirya/rterm_softinput rterm with soft input enabled
💫 @enginebai/osm-client Routing API
💫 @viirya/min-hash-graph-construct Pre-construct image graph using min hash
💫 @shakalaca/PhonePlus


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @tgjones/gemini Gemini is an IDE framework similar in concept to the Visual Studio Shell. It uses AvalonDock and has an MVVM architecture based on Caliburn Micro. ↗️
💫 @tgjones/meshellator 3D asset import library for .NET 4.0. Supported formats are Autodesk 3DS and Lightwave OBJ.
💫 @huanlin/di-book-support Supplementary files for DI.NET book:
💫 @tgjones/rasterizr Software rasterizer written in C#, with an API based on Direct3D 10 / 11. Programmable parts of the pipeline execute "real" HLSL shaders. ↗️
💫 @tgjones/nexus Small and lightweight 3D vector and matrix library for .NET 4.0.
💫 @tgjones/xbuilder XBuilder is an extension for Visual Studio 2010 which adds the ability to preview models, effects and textures from your XNA content projects, right inside Visual Studio. ↗️
💫 @rschiang/rsPlurkLib C# Plurk API 2.0 Library
💫 @tgjones/stitchup StitchUp is an XNA 4.0 implementation of Shawn Hargreaves' article "Generating Shaders From HLSL Fragments". It integrates with the XNA Content Pipeline to provide compile-time linking of shader fragments. ↗️
💫 @tgjones/dotwarp DotWarp is an easy-to-use 3D software rasterization library, which produces 2D rendered images from 3D mesh files. It uses WARP, a 3D software rasterizer built-in to Windows Vista / 7 / Server 2008 R2, for the actual rasterization. It is a .NET 4.0 project. ↗️
💫 @tgjones/ormongo Ormongo is a very lightweight implementation of the ActiveRecord pattern, built on top of the 10gen Mongo C# driver. ↗️
💫 @tgjones/dryrunner Isolated integration testing for ASP.NET ↗️
💫 @kyleap/2014.IT.Ironman7 [鐵人30天]當ASP.NET MVC 遇見 Angular.js MVC 客戶管理系統
💫 @huanlin/Chinese-Converter 中文簡繁轉換的命令列工具
💫 @kagami3421/Skylines_DemandMaster Demand Control Mod for Cities:Skylines
💫 @tgjones/monogame-samples Collection of samples for the MonoGame framework ↗️
💫 @tgjones/osiris Some XNA 4.0 Content Pipeline extensions ↗️
💫 @tgjones/weaver HLSL surface shader parser for XNA / MonoGame ↗️
💫 @tgjones/aether Ray tracer in C#
💫 @larrynung/WebCamPictureBox WebCam PictureBox
💫 @tgjones/idx3dsharp Port of the idx3d software rasterizer
💫 @larrynung/CustomChangeMonitorDemo Demo how to implement custom .NET 4.0 System.Runtime.Caching's ChangeMonitor
💫 @larrynung/MultiProcessArchitectureDemo Demo how to do a Multi-process Architecture application like chrome
💫 @tgjones/awesome-game-2 The "sequel" to Awesome Game. It was supposed to be a resource trading game played out on a world stage...
💫 @fboris/Serial-Port-Communication-GUI a simple serial port communication program
💫 @tgjones/xna-tutorials Little XNA projects that I post as tutorials on my blog ↗️


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @lockys/AwesomeSearch 🔍 Search All Repos of The Awesome Lists 🔎 ↗️
💫 @pangfengliu/programmingtasks programming tasks from my courses
💫 @lockys/dcard-bar 一個小工具讓你快速看你今天 Dcard 抽到的是誰 ↗️
💫 @brucetsao/Fritzing User Parts for Fritzing
💫 @opjlmi/graduate-helper


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @ellisMing/ellis_notes ellis.wu notes


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @jserv/facebooc Yet another Facebook clone written in C
💫 @jserv/amacc Small C Compiler generating ELF executable for ARM architecture
💫 @jserv/mini-arm-os Build a minimal multi-tasking OS kernel for ARM from scratch
💫 @jserv/full-stack-hello minimal instruction set and assembler/compiler for "Hello World" execution
💫 @scottt/debugbreak break into the debugger programmatically
💫 @hedisdb/hedis Hedis can retrieve data from ANY database directly via Redis ↗️
💫 @Hom-Wang/SmartIMU IMU Development Kit,Use STM32F411C、MPU9250、LPS25H ↗️
💫 @jserv/kernel-in-kernel Develop your own OS kernel by reusing Linux infrastructure
💫 @jserv/min-dl minimal dynamic linker implementation for ELF
💫 @jserv/xv6-x86_64 re-implementation of UNIX v6 in ANSI C for x86_64 SMP
💫 @Hom-Wang/Quadcopter 101年大學專題-四軸飛行器 ↗️
💫 @Thomas-Tsai/partclone Partclone provides utilities to backup a partition smartly and it is designed for higher compatibility of the file system by using existing library. ↗️
💫 @buganini/bsdconv BSD licensed charset/encoding converter library with more functionalities than libiconv
💫 @jserv/codezero Codezero Microkernel
💫 @HawxChen/MIT-6.828-Adventure I love OS. I implement it. ↗️
💫 @browny/hand-tracking A simple multiple hands tracking implementation based on OpenCV library
💫 @scottt/openssl-android Official Android OpenSSL patched to build as an external project with the Android NDK
💫 @buganini/bug5 A Big5/GBK <-> UTF-8 translating layer in terminal
💫 @jserv/stm32f429-r3d small software 3D rendering program on STM32F429-Discovery
💫 @jserv/simple-dvm A simplified educational Dalvik virtual machine implementation
💫 @jserv/tlsf-bsd Two Level Segregated Fit (TLSF) memory allocator implementation, BSD License
💫 @fourdollars/ibus-zhuyin A zhuyin (phonetic) Chinese input method. ↗️
💫 @jserv/kvm-user-x86 A simple userspace program to interact with Linux KVM
💫 @Hom-Wang/NRF5x nRF51-DK, nRF52-DK & nRF51-Dongle ↗️
💫 @cooldavid/tsps IPv6 Tunnel Setup Protocol Server
💫 @cleaton/liquid-chocolate liquid chocolate [↗️](liquid chocolate)
💫 @tjwei/WebKitGtkKindleDXG WebKitGtk port on Kindle DX Graphite
💫 @jserv/Taunix Realtime operating system kernel for TI TMS320F24x DSP
💫 @browny/cmake-practice practice cmake
💫 @jserv/stm32f429-lcd-demo Simple STM32F429 Discovery LCD demo program using emWin library
💫 @shengwen1997/stm32_pratice Some stm32f4 examples
💫 @fourdollars/hooc Handy Object Oriented C
💫 @kanru/notmuch Notmuch is not much of an email program. ↗️
💫 @buganini/rcexecr Parallel rc.d scripts executer for FreeBSD
💫 @buganini/ruby-bsdconv Ruby wrapper for bsdconv ↗️
💫 @fourdollars/x11-touchscreen-calibrator X Window System's Touchscreen Calibrator ↗️
💫 @jserv/dummy-driver dummy Linux kernel module for education purpose
💫 @kanru/awesome kanru's awesome branch
💫 @hungys/NCTU_OS_2015_HW1 Homework 1 for Introduction to Operating Systems, Fall 2015
💫 @cleaton/acer_kernel_koud 2.6.29 kernel koud ↗️
💫 @olvaffe/mesa
💫 @buganini/chiconv Auto chinese encoding converter
💫 @tjwei/KindleChewing Chewing Chinese Input Method for Kindle DX
💫 @cleaton/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4210 Kernel for Samsung SMDK4210 Boards
💫 @kanru/chinese-type-practice
💫 @Hom-Wang/SerialDebugAssistant QT Serial Debug Assistant
💫 @jserv/scalable-font-editor scale font editor, which produces the font for embedded environments
💫 @kevinbird61/visual-ll Using graphviz to enable visualization on linked-list implementation. ↗️
💫 @buganini/bsdconv-opencc OpenCC inter-conversion module for bsdconv
💫 @cleaton/acer_kernel
💫 @scottt/python-vmci Python's socket patched with VMCI (VMware communication interface) support
💫 @scottt/dbus-vmci DBus patched to add VMCI (VMware Communication Interface) transport support
💫 @heronyang/smiley A C-version program for Stanford Keral
💫 @buganini/brackets help to write parallelized scripts
💫 @Hom-Wang/C-Language
💫 @fourdollars/bse Build System Example
💫 @tjwei/acer-stream-minimal-kernel
💫 @cooldavid/jme JMicron Ethernet driver for Linux ↗️
💫 @Neson/QtReversi 黑白棋遊戲
💫 @buganini/termim IM in terminal
💫 @chiehmin/til Today I Learned
💫 @buganini/php-bsdconv PHP wrapper for bsdconv
💫 @scottt/cygwin-vmci-sockets Cygwin patched with VMCI (VMware Communication Interface) sockets support
💫 @kanru/towel Towel is aimed to prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI)


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @repaper/gratis EPD Source codes and Documentation
💫 @kevinlin311tw/caffe-cvprw15 ❤️☕️ Deep Learning of Binary Hash Codes for Fast Image Retrieval (CVPRW15)
💫 @kevinlin311tw/Caffe-DeepBinaryCode 👑 Supervised Semantics-preserving Deep Hashing (SSDH) ↗️
💫 @kevinlin311tw/cvpr16-deepbit Learning Compact Binary Descriptors with Unsupervised Deep Neural Networks (CVPR16)
💫 @kennethho/fp14 Functional-style Programming in C++14
💫 @aitjcize/QCamber Free and open source PCB design viewer written in Qt
💫 @ucxpresso/nano11uxx uCXpresso BLE Framework for LPC11U3x (ARM Cortex-M0) ↗️
💫 @kevinlin311tw/caffe-augmentation ⚡️ Caffe real-time data augmentation on-the-fly!!
💫 @yocox/yrp Recursive Descent Parser by C++ template
💫 @legnaleurc/junkcode Some useless scripts ↗️
💫 @aitjcize/Qin Qin is an input method framework for Qt-Embedded.
💫 @legnaleurc/qsnapshot A screen capture tool
💫 @lnishan/vector 💜 A supercharged std::vector implementation (minus Allocator)
💫 @kennethho/console.cpp C++ Console Object
💫 @legnaleurc/qbtd Qt-based BitTorrent Daemon
💫 @legnaleurc/khopper An audio converter ↗️
💫 @lnishan/Notebook 📙 A notebook for programming contests
💫 @legnaleurc/komix A comic viewer with auto scrolling. ↗️
💫 @johnroyer/flickrLinker flickrLinker
💫 @kevinlin311tw/ObjLeft 👜 Abandoned object detection for visual surveillance
💫 @kennethho/finally Emulation of finally in and using C++11, for fun.
💫 @kennethho/mvcc11 A simple header-only Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) implementation in C++11.
💫 @aitjcize/govff 嘸蝦米翻譯機
💫 @ucxpresso/self_balance_robot A balance robot control by PID algorithm.
💫 @shaform/libfreearray FreeArray Input Method
💫 @kito-cheng/dmtcp-android
💫 @johnroyer/urDiary
💫 @johnroyer/cmake_demo
💫 @wildskyf/car_racing NTNU_CSIE_Final_Project
💫 @legnaleurc/qsnapshot-debian Debian package for QSnapshot
💫 @legnaleurc/khopper-pkg-ubuntu Dpkg repository of Khopper on Ubuntu ↗️
💫 @kevinlin311tw/caffe-rta-v2
💫 @legnaleurc/khopper-pkg-debian Dpkg repository of Khopper ↗️
💫 @seadog007/Google-Code-In
💫 @ericsk/moedict-rt 讓 Windows Store Apps 能用的教育部國語辭典 WinRT Component
💫 @legnaleurc/qsnapshot-ubuntu Ubuntu package for QSnapshot


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @go-gas/gas Gas is a web framework writing in go
💫 @tihtw/go-line-bot Golang Line BOT, not official
💫 @dlintw/gonetgrep Grep keyword in multiple web pages. A sample code for golang(Google Go programming language).
💫 @dlintw/cpp2go Show code hint for C/C++ coder converting to Google Go language
💫 @dlintw/GoRM Simple ORM-like thingy for Go (wrapper around SQLite3 for now) ↗️
💫 @a2n/go_logger Go logger wrapper
💫 @go-gas/config config manager for go-gas/gas framework
💫 @go-gas/sessions session manager for go-gas/gas framework
💫 @dlintw/genseat
[![💫][fpGo-shield]][fpGo] @TeaEntityLab/fpGo Monad, Functional Programming features for Golang. ↗️


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @chiahsien/CHTCollectionViewWaterfallLayout The waterfall (i.e., Pinterest-like) layout for UICollectionView.
💫 @kelp404/CocoaSecurity Encrypt/Decrypt: AES. Hash: MD5, SHA(SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512). Encode/Decode: Base64, Hex.
💫 @wpsteak/PWParallaxScrollView PWParallaxScrollView is a library for creating sliding menus with parallax effect inspired by the WWF app ↗️
💫 @syshen/FlatDatePicker
💫 @zonble/CAShowcase
💫 @kelp404/NyaruDB A simple NoSQL database(key-value pair) in Objective-C. It runs on iOS and OS X.
💫 @dlackty/LineKit Share to NAVER LINE from your apps. ↗️
💫 @greenchiu/GCTagList tag list like iOS Mail app's sender or recivers
💫 @edwardinubuntu/RateStars An App Store review liked, a rating view easily to use anywhere in the iOS App. ↗️
💫 @chiahsien/AutoHighlightSymbol A Xcode plugin to add highlight to the instances of selected symbol.
💫 @abynim/Sketch-Headers Headers from Sketch app exported using class-dump
💫 @fawkeswei/GoogleMapsKit Unofficial wrapper to quickly launch Google Maps for iPhone from your app
💫 @chiahsien/CHTStickerView A movable, resizable, rotatable UIView with one fingle, which is fully customizable!
💫 @edwardinubuntu/Painter The Painter app turns the iPhone screen into a virtual canvas. The user paints by dragging one or more fingers across the screen.
💫 @syshen/ReactiveHackerNews
💫 @zonble/tcfail A utility to change the default Traditional Chinese font fallback of Snow Leopard ↗️
💫 @zonble/twweather An iPhone application to provide weather information in Taiwan ↗️
💫 @Darktt/DTNavigationController Folder navigation style view
💫 @fawkeswei/WhatsAppKit Unofficial wrapper to quickly send messages with WhatsApp for iPhone. ↗️
💫 @chiahsien/CHTTextView UITextView subclass that adds placeholder support like UITextField has.
💫 @wpsteak/PWAlignView Align and arrange collection of views (UIView, UIImageView, UIButton, … ) on different directions ↗️
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRBeaconFinder Find beacons, simulate beacons advertising and integrate BLE functions.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-BPN-NeuralNetwork Neural network (ニューラルネットワーク) on Machine Learning (マシンラーニング).
💫 @zonble/ObjectivePlurk Plurk API implemented with Objective-C ↗️
💫 @syshen/UIImage-FaceFirst Crop the image to specified size, and automatically detect any human face in the image to prevent cropping out any face.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRGpsTracker KRGpsTracker is a GPS route tracker which records the running info to show.
💫 @syshen/RACSwift-HackerNews A sample and practice of RAC 3.0 and Swift
💫 @zonble/MOEDict Chinese dictionary for iOS. ↗️
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRImageViewer It is like Facebook Image Viewer.
💫 @ch8908/Thousnad2 Blog example
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRFacebook iOS Facebook Connect API Library, It integrated FacebookSDK 3.6+.
💫 @syshen/SlipingSlide Simulate the effects from Applauze app
💫 @edwardinubuntu/ICProgressPanel A panel displaying the current status, including uploading, cancel if needed, waiting response, and upload finish.
💫 @Darktt/ColorPicker Pick color with image view.
💫 @zonble/SillySnake A personal practice of remaking the classic video game
💫 @syshen/Embedded-Framework-Demo Demo of iOS8 embedded framework demo, for the details please refer to
💫 @zonble/cocoaascii A tool to convert images to ascii art
💫 @OptimusKe/LoveLiveSimulator Simulate LoveLive school idol festival Mobile Game (
💫 @zonble/ZBCustomTransitions
💫 @Kalvar/ios-Multi-Perceptron-NeuralNetwork Neural network that MLP on Machine Learning (マシンラーニング).
💫 @Darktt/CollectionViewCell-Mover-Demo UICollectionView move cell module.
💫 @zonble/CWBOpenDataClient CWBOpenDataClient
💫 @zonble/KKGoogleAnalytics Yet another Google Analytics library for Mac OS X ↗️
💫 @syshen/YACV Yet Another Calendar View UICollectionView
💫 @zonble/imremoval [Mac OS X] A tool to uninstall Input Methods for Mac OS X ↗️
💫 @baby03201/iOS-Swift-GoogleDriveSample
💫 @jlnr/SansFonts WebKit Content Blocker to block web fonts in Safari (iOS & OS X)
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRKmeans-Algorithm K-Means is clustering algorithm (クラスタリング分類) that one of Machine Learning methods.
💫 @zonble/bunt [Cocoa] A utility to help Mac/iPhone developers to work with colors. ↗️
💫 @edwardinubuntu/FlagQuizGame The Flag Quiz Game app tests the user’s ability to correctly identify flags from around the world
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRHebbian-Algorithm Non-supervisor that Hebbian self-organization learning method in machine learning. (自分学習アルゴリズム).
💫 @syshen/Evernote-Notebook-Picker A simple Evernote Notebook Picker UI
💫 @syshen/agvtool-xcode-plugin this is a plugin wrapper for agvtool for xcode.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRFuzzyCMeans-Algorithm Fuzzy C-Means is clustering algorithm (クラスタリング分類) combined fuzzy theory (ファジー理論) on Machine Learning.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRBleTransfer Use CoreBluetooth to do Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to implement Read, Write, Notify and simulate SPP transfer mode.
💫 @zonble/JSCanvas An experiment to do a Processing like app using JavaScriptCore framework for iOS 7.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRDragView Drag, move, swipe, slide the view, also can implement the crads effect.
💫 @zonble/ZBSimplePlayer ZBSimplePlayer
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRGreyTheory A predication method on machine learning especially in big data analysis.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-TryGongApp It's an App like basic InstaWeather to take a picture and choose a template to share to facebook.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRBle BLE with Central and Peripheral modules in BT4.0.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-ML-Recommendation-System Implemented Machine Learning on a Recommendation System demo sample.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-ExpandedLabel ExpandedLabel can dynamic auto-expand the label to fit the text.
💫 @kelp404/CoffeeCocoa Run CoffeeScript and JavaScript in Objective-C.
💫 @kelp404/ValueInjector Cocoa ValueInjector provides converting weak typing to strong typing. Injecting value from NSDictionary to custom class and initialization NSDictionary with custom class. ↗️
💫 @vc7/UIImageBlurEffectCategory
💫 @fawkeswei/NTUAffairs 台大校務建言系統 for iOS ↗️
💫 @SteveChiang/iOSBackgroundTest null
💫 @syshen/EvernoteSDKPatch Provide a simple wrapper over Evernote iOS SDK to allow developers to download thumbnail image of a note or a resource image.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRDatabase iOS SQLite Connect API Library
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRMapKit KRMapKit is using Apple's Map.
💫 @zonble/Crashy Various ways to crash your app
💫 @zonble/MNX An application to read data from MainNav devices for Mac OS X
💫 @uranusjr/Prism-objc Objective-C Wrapper for Prism (the JavaScript syntax highlighter) using JavaScriptCore
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRCamera iPhone and iPad Camera Module, it also supports iOS 7.
💫 @zonble/xcode-templates My Xcode Templates
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRToolbar KRToolbar will watch the UIToolbar fit with Keyboard events of appear or disappear.
💫 @SteveChiang/RaspberryPiRC Raspberry Pi remote control by iOS device
💫 @OptimusKe/KKInboxHUD 模仿Google Inbox App HUD
💫 @uranusjr/KaTeXiT POC: Mimic LaTeXiT with KaTeX and JavaScriptCore API.
💫 @kelp404/Maguro A contact us library for UserVoice.
💫 @chiahsien/BeautyBrowser
💫 @edwardinubuntu/AddressMap Display annotation views from entered address.
💫 @cloudhsu/imagegenerate_mac Image+ icon generator Mac version, it is an icon/image generate tool for iOS/Android/windows phone
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRKNN K-Nearest Neighbors is a classification that one of Machine Learning methods.
💫 @zonble/FacebookTestAccount Utility to create Facebook test users ↗️
💫 @cloudhsu/iOSIAPCPlus iOS IAP C++ Wrapper ↗️
💫 @zonble/ObjectivePlurk2 ObjectivePlurk2
💫 @zonble/CocoaPlayground
💫 @syshen/EmojiKeyboard An iPad extension with Emoji Icon sets
💫 @zonble/ExplosiveBanana
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRPerceptron Non-linear and linear perceptron model of machine learning.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRSwitch KRSwitch can customize the UISwitch.
💫 @syshen/SlimePulldown Pull down to close
💫 @syshen/BouncingZooming Bouncing Zooming effect like cnn and kickstart app
💫 @gradyzhuo/GZTracking
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRSVM Support Vector Machine in Machine Learning
💫 @edwardinubuntu/InfoTouchPanel An label panel show and hide itself, also provide touch event.
💫 @jamessa/Calculator Simple Calculator
💫 @StrongerShen/YouPlayList Get playlist and play the video you choose.
💫 @gradyzhuo/PadOrder
💫 @OptimusKe/E-HentaiReader E-Hentai iOS Reader (modify form
💫 @Darktt/DTBookMenuController Slide out menu from any viewComtroller
💫 @syshen/Floating-Deck-View-Controller A try over iOS7 custom view controller transition
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRWatchKeyboard It can easy watch the Keyboard status changing, example the keyboard slide up, slide down, change inputs status bar, disappear ... etc.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRYoutube More easy execute the youtube video with uploading, updating, deleting in the app project.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRDelta Machine Learning algorithm named Delta learning method.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRUploader Just easy uploading a file to server.
💫 @edwardinubuntu/RSSFeedReader RSSFeedReader is a iPhone app project for reading RSS Feed like bloodspot, and display the recently feeds. ↗️
💫 @edwardinubuntu/eggplant Ingredients book, get all information from the ingredient term you gave.
💫 @Kalvar/ios-KRWatchScroll KRWatchScroll can easy watching and judging UITableView ( or UIScrollView ) scrolling to top、bottom、left、right motions when it scroll stopped.


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @fukuball/jieba-php "結巴"中文分詞:做最好的 PHP 中文分詞、中文斷詞組件。 / "Jieba" (Chinese for "to stutter") Chinese text segmentation: built to be the best PHP Chinese word segmentation module. ↗️
💫 @wikireader/wikireader Official Source code for the WikiReader (by Openmoko) ↗️
💫 @comdan66/weather Taiwan's Weather Maps! 想查詢每個地方的天氣嗎!?藉由 Google Maps API 的地圖服務,以及中央氣象局網站的天氣預報,讓你快速輕鬆的查詢台灣 368 個鄉鎮的天氣概況! ↗️
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-Native-Session codeigniter native session
💫 @fukuball/Awesome-Laravel-Education A curated list of resources for learning about the Laravel PHP Framework
💫 @ronnywang/PHPMemcacheSASL PHP Memcache class with SASL support, heroku test ok
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-Nexmo-Message Class Nexmo Message handles the methods and properties of sending an SMS message. ↗️
💫 @fukuball/CKIPClient-PHP 中研院斷詞系統的 Client 端程式,讓有中文斷詞需求的研究者或程式人員可以專注於開發自己的核心演算法。 ↗️
💫 @kiang/Panama_Papers_Taiwan
💫 @ronnywang/realprice 實價登錄原始資料備份下載 open data
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-reCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA library for CodeIgniter ↗️
💫 @appleboy/PHP-Git-Deploy Git Deployment with PHP
💫 @asika32764/fongshen-editor A highly customizable code-inserting editor for markdown or other languages ↗️
💫 @ronnywang/company-graph 公司關係圖
💫 @kiang/elections A platform to collect candidates profiles for all elections in Taiwan
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-App Integrate RESTfull API, Base Model, Ion Auth module and template module
💫 @comdan66/mazu 這是一個熱愛北港廟會活動的非營利網站, 主要希望能為地方古蹟、習俗活動帶來多一點的貢獻! 更希望大家參與北港廟會活動的同時,能更加的融入北港當地的文化。 ↗️
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-Log-Library Store php error or exception logs into database.
💫 @appleboy/codeigniter-facebook-php-sdk-v4 Intergrate facebook php sdk v4 with CodeIgniter Framewrok.
💫 @kiang/drugs source of
💫 @asika32764/http The PSR7 Http Implementation. (PHP 5.3 Compatible) ↗️
💫 @asika32764/php-code-generator Repository deprecated, please see Muse: ↗️
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-Google-URL-Shortener-API CodeIgniter Google URL Shortener API ↗️
💫 @ronnywang/twgeojson 行政區域疆界
💫 @kiang/magento_zh_TW Magento 1.x for using in Taiwan
💫 @s3131212/allendisk ↗️
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-Template A Lightweight Codeigniter Template Libray
💫 @comdan66/OA-ElasticaSearch 這是一個 Elastica Search 基本 CRUD 的使用工具,架構於 Elastica Library,將讀取出來的資料物件化,以及包裝成方便開發的工具。 ↗️
💫 @scarwu/Pointless A Lightweight Static Blog Generator with PHP CLI
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-Gearman-Library Gearman library for CodeIgniter PHP Framework
💫 @asika32764/muse The PHP Code Generator ↗️
💫 @ronnywang/lagnews LagNews腿新聞
💫 @fukuball/lyrics-match 本系統「再三推詞」是一個以曲找詞的舊曲新詞推薦系統,本系統提供使用者以輸入的歌曲,查詢適合搭配的歌詞。系統將根據詞曲搭配性,推薦適合搭配的歌詞,並以歌聲模擬軟體試唱。
💫 @jaceju/php-di-container-examples 介紹 PHP 中 Dependency Injection Container 的實作原理
💫 @comdan66/taipei_activities 2016年,最新台北藝文活動!每天更新最新台北、新北的藝文公告資訊! ↗️
💫 @ronnywang/fidb-crawler 經濟部工業局爬工廠資料程式
💫 @yftzeng/php-bcrypt bcrypt implementation for PHP
💫 @synapticism/pendrell A minimal yet powerful WordPress theme for content-rich blogs. ↗️
💫 @ronnywang/postcode 郵局資料
💫 @ronnywang/php-geotopojson GeoJSON <==> TopoJSON PHP Library
💫 @fukuball/iloveck101 我愛卡提諾 PHP 版本
💫 @appleboy/php-i18n PHP i18n Library
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-i18n i18n library for CodeIgniter 2.1.x
💫 @asika32764/php-sitemap PHP Simple Sitemap Generator ↗️
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-TextMagic-API CodeIgniter Library for TextMagic API ↗️
💫 @ronnywang/ 台灣村里家戶用電量
💫 @ronnywang/twmap 台灣地圖呈現
💫 @ronnywang/ Taipei Open Data
💫 @jaceju/clitool-boilerplate Simple boilerplate for build your command line tool.
💫 @ronnywang/sandbox
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-Plurk-API A Plurk API Module for CodeIgniter ↗️
💫 @fukuball/ jieba-php 線上展示網站
💫 @asika32764/php-faker-zhtw-provider A repository to hold PHP Faker zh_TW provider until Faker release new version. ↗️
💫 @ronnywang/taiwan-cabinet 台灣內閣記錄
💫 @synapticism/ubik-admin A library of hacks and snippets for the WordPress admin panel
💫 @asika32764/Slim-Prototype-Tutorial-Demo Slim Prototype Tutorial Demo ↗️
💫 @kiang/sahana-tw Based on the PHP version of Sahana( ), this project will try to extend it for using in Taiwan. If you need check the official version, please visit . ↗️
💫 @ronnywang/TWLegislativeYuanData 台灣立法院資料
💫 @fukuball/FukuPHP Another php web framework
💫 @asika32764/php-simple-benchmark PHP Simple Benchmark framework ↗️
💫 @kiang/prestashop_zh_TW A localization project of . Specified for Traditional Chinese and users in Taiwan.
💫 @kiang/ working with
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-MY-Model CodeIgniter base CRUD model
💫 @kiang/ working with
💫 @appleboy/Codeigniter-Base-Model CodeIgniter base CRUD model to remove repetition and increase productivity
💫 @fukuball/flea 根據觀察,台灣學生的校園物品交易頻繁,卻始終缺少一個以校園物品交易為主要設計考量的平台系統。本研究以Web2.0 時代下網路交易的特質為核心概念,包括消費者的參與性、多樣化內容、社群與多元化的溝通媒介,搭配社群網站的混搭(Mash up),以政大學生為目標對象,設計專屬政大學生的物品交易與交換平台—「政!大福利市集」。希望改善目前校園物品交易系統,以使用者為設計導向,建立不同於目前拍賣網站的主題交易平台;並透過線上店鋪的客製化佈置,個人風格展現的校園拍賣網站,結合facebook 提供的社交服務,提升平台社群互動與交流,滿足使用者線上消費過程的娛樂需求與體驗。
💫 @ronnywang/geojson2image GeoJSON to Image
💫 @jaceju/craftsman Enhance your laravel project with bower, gulp, etc.
💫 @ronnywang/worldbank World Bank Open Data
💫 @asika32764/php-autolink A library to auto convert URL to link. ↗️
💫 @kiang/olc_baker A web based baker for CakePHP ↗️
💫 @s3131212/chemical-formula-calculators
💫 @afunction/Model_DbTable_HandlerSocket HandlerSocket for zend framework DbTable
💫 @asika32764/vagrant-ubuntu14-trusty-hhvm Vagrant file for HHVM on Ubuntu 14 Trusty
💫 @ronnywang/ 的備份
💫 @ronnywang/ 全國土地分區資料
💫 @appleboy/MozTW-phpBB3 Mozillz Taiwan (MozTW) Forum ↗️
💫 @synapticism/ubik-seo A library of SEO-related functions for WordPress
💫 @kiang/salary Salary related tools for people in Taiwan
💫 @kiang/lead_pipes to show lead pipes which used to deliver water in taiwan.
💫 @jaceju/phpconf Source Code for ↗️
💫 @jaceju/zend-tool-webui Web UI for Zend_Tool
💫 @appleboy/CodeIgniter-TW-Language CodeIgniter Traditional Chinese Language ↗️
💫 @yftzeng/phpWowSimpleBuiltInRouter Wow! Simple built-in web router server for PHP
💫 @yftzeng/phpWowORM New PHP ORM
💫 @synapticism/ubik-lingual Simple language-related functions for WordPress
💫 @s3131212/chinese-idiom null
💫 @scarwu/ThemeUnique My Blog Theme
💫 @scarwu/Element HTML Generator
💫 @jimyhuang/enews_generator Electric news generator build from drupal
💫 @Pleasurazy/Codeigniter-Smarty Deprecated, 棄用
💫 @synapticism/ubik-imagery Minimalist image management for WordPress.
💫 @fukuball/cfa 本篇論文旨在研究中文流行音樂歌詞與歌曲之間情意的關聯性,並設計一個能推薦出符合歌曲情意的「以曲找詞歌詞推薦系統」。
💫 @synapticism/ubik-text Simple text processing functions for WordPress
💫 @fukuball/dctcs 國立政治大學數位內容與科技學位學程以雙主修方式提供全校同學學習以數位內容與科技為主的第二專長,培養具有人文內涵、資訊設計、及科技實作能力的跨領域人才。本官方網站內容為國立政治大學數位內容與科技學位學程所有。
💫 @jaceju/test-zend-search-lucene Zend_Search_Lucene Test
💫 @ronnywang/ptthot
💫 @comdan66/360 搭配 Ricoh Theta S 記錄環景、全景、360度、小星球(Stereographics Projection) 的個人全景相簿! ↗️
💫 @asika32764/joomla-cmf Joomla! Content Management Framework ↗️
💫 @ronnywang/ 關港貿單一窗口資料
💫 @ronnywang/vote2014 2014 中選會界接 API
💫 @asika32764/JConsole Some useful Cli tools for Joomla CMS
💫 @ronnywang/ 監察院陽光法案相關資料 Ex: 政治獻金、財產申報...
💫 @asika32764/php-pdf-2-text Simple PHP PDF to Text class ↗️
💫 @ronnywang/pdf-to-table 將 PDF 內的 Table 想辦法取出來
💫 @synapticism/technocrat A minimalist WordPress theme for technical writing


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @eliangcs/http-prompt HTTPie + prompt_toolkit = an interactive command-line HTTP client featuring autocomplete and syntax highlighting ↗️
💫 @cataska/programming-collective-intelligence-code Examples from Programming Collective Intelligence
💫 @toomore/grs 📈 台灣上市上櫃股票價格擷取(Fetch Taiwan Stock Exchange data)含即時盤、台灣時間轉換、開休市判斷。 ↗️
💫 @moskytw/zipcodetw Find Taiwan ZIP code by address fuzzily.
💫 @moskytw/clime Convert functions into multi-command program breezily. ↗️
💫 @moskytw/mosql Build SQL with native Python data structure smoothly. ↗️
💫 @moskytw/uniout Never see escaped bytes in output.
💫 @tzangms/iloveck101 我愛卡提諾
💫 @PaulinePro/Facebot Powerful unofficial facebook api
💫 @toomore/goristock 📈 goristock 台灣股市分析機器人 in Google App Engine. 包含其他版本,請參考分支! #stock #twse #gae #appengine ↗️
💫 @TGmeetup/TGmeetup A collection set of technical groups' information (一個搜集與整合技術類社群的專案,讓大家取得社群資訊以及社群的活動資訊。)
💫 @littleq0903/gcloud-zsh-completion Z Shell auto completion for Google Cloud SDK
💫 @littleq0903/spritz-cmd The command-line version of implementation of a cool reading tool, Spritz.
💫 @tzangms/python-websocket-example Simple python websocket example with Flask, gevent, gevent-websocket
💫 @jsliang/sublime-pelican A Sublime Text plugin that makes writing Pelican articles easier and faster. ↗️
💫 @fygrave/honeyntp NTP logger/honeypot
💫 @moskytw/git-count Count your commits.
💫 @zbryikt/ppllink public person relationship visualization
💫 @fygrave/dnslyzer DNS traffic indexer and analyzer
💫 @hychen/lazyscripts A script management tool in Linux. ↗️
💫 @hychen/learn-python-in-hacker-way
💫 @moskytw/revivalkit Revive from Ctrl-C or any exception!
💫 @hychen/getfastmirror get apt fast mirror in command line
💫 @littleq0903/git-calendar Show your git logs in Github graphical calendar mode.
💫 @moskytw/postbox Send email easier.
💫 @dm4/IntroCS-2011-Fall-Homework6 ↗️
💫 @hychen/ucltip A library to make creating command line tool Python binding easier ↗️
💫 @littleq0903/fb-python-codelab Facebook Python SDK tutorial for beginners.
💫 @thewayiam/twly_fileHandler File handler of
💫 @moskytw/enhancedyaml It makes it more convenient to use PyYAML.
💫 @littleq0903/box-python-sdk The API wrapper for Python
💫 @PaulinePro/liveany-talkbot Liveany talking bot
💫 @KuoE0/MPU6050-WebPlot plotting the signal from MPU6050 ↗️
💫 @littleq0903/copycat Command-line based clipboard tool for every command-line Ninja
💫 @toomore/wordcloud-python wordcloud for python
💫 @toomore/plurkbot 救救我的卡馬,所以只好動手寫一個自動發噗的機器人。
💫 @fygrave/deob Experimental code to assist with javascript deobfuscation ↗️
💫 @orangetw/Vulnerable-Django
💫 @tzangms/PyConTW website of PyCon TW
💫 @moskytw/cython-lab
💫 @wurmen/Gurobi-Python 最清楚完整的Gurobi Python Interface 建模介紹,以及最佳化問題的數學規劃建模 (The Gurobi Python Interface tutorials and optimization problems modeling)
💫 @aminzai/AminzaiPlurkBot That can a lot of rss source in the same time, and can repost to plurk.
💫 @tzangms/django-project-template This is the django project template based on my prefer.
💫 @hychen/octopress-admin octopress blog management script
💫 @billy3321/lazyscripts_pool_centos_fedora scripts and config pool for lazyscripts ↗️
💫 @a0726h77/python-taipei-metro 台北捷運轉乘路線查詢
💫 @fygrave/cuckoodroid Cuckoodroid is a project to build components to make analysis of android applications possible with cuckoobox
💫 @littleq0903/django-gcloud-storage Django Storage Backend on Google Cloud Storage with gcloud-python.
💫 @billy3321/ivod-download-client ivod download client
💫 @PCMan/pydrum
💫 @PaulinePro/Android-Dimen-Multiplier This is a simple python script that can help you multiply all the values inside android dimen.xml file.
💫 @waitingkuo/flask-sample A sample flask app
💫 @billy3321/network_setting_wizard A wizard use to setting network in command line.
💫 @Kudo/collection-filter RESTful API partial response helper in Python
💫 @hychen/harrow Using Haskell Arrow in Python
💫 @hychen/dh-make-python helper for creating Debian Package from Python modules
💫 @moskytw/tacit Read lines from end of file.
💫 @PaulinePro/Asyncio-YIFY Damned fast YIFY parser using Asyncio
💫 @billy3321/lazybuntu 提供 Ubuntu 使用者一個方便的懶人設定工具,開啟一些常用的調校 ↗️
💫 @moskytw/examples-for-learning-python-from-data It is the examples for the slide "Learning Python from Data".
💫 @littleq0903/appengine-bottle-example Example for quickly bootstrapping a Google App Engine project with Bottle Python web framework.
💫 @imrehg/pydc1394 pydc1394 - clone from the bzr repo lp:pydc1394 ↗️
💫 @a0726h77/cookie_sniffer http cookie sniffer in python and libpcap
💫 @fygrave/hntp NTP scan logger/honeypot
💫 @tzangms/FireDj django template render command for
💫 @hychen/boliau A flexible and lazyness continuation tasks management framwork
💫 @hychen/vsgui Very simple Graphical toolkit of Python script
💫 @tzangms/django-heroku-example
💫 @imrehg/csbloch Bloch-equations treatment of cesium atoms
💫 @fygrave/eyepkflow EyePKFlow is an open source Passive HTTP and Yara detection platform
💫 @toomore/tw-stock To read Taiwan stock data useing Google App Engine ↗️
💫 @billy3321/lzs_pool_debianlize_zhCN
💫 @toomore/aws-tools My AWS tools ↗️
💫 @imrehg/physicspy Physics calculation with Python.
💫 @imrehg/python-simplegeo-storage SimpleGeo Storage client library in Python ↗️
💫 @imrehg/minibook A Facebook status updater and lister in Python.
💫 @moskytw/which-is-faster-in-python Which approach is faster in Python?
💫 @imrehg/pylibnidaqmx a Python wrapper to libnidaqmx library
💫 @cataska/tweetplurk Python client for twitter, plurk and jaiku
💫 @littleq0903/dbclient Command-line tool for Dropbox
💫 @aminzai/Split-Video use this to split videos by ?? min
💫 @imrehg/labhardware Interfacing with some (kind of) common physics laboratory equipment.
💫 @ywchiu/201509ETL 201509ETL
💫 @imrehg/physicscalc Various physics-themed calculations
💫 @daikeren/channel-example
💫 @toomore/dictDB Python dictionary database
💫 @KuoE0/vim-scavenger Multiple empty lines and trailing white spaces cleaner for Vim ↗️
💫 @PaulinePro/yify-subtitle Download yify subtitle using one command.
💫 @jsleetw/port-forwarding
💫 @toomore/Plurkii Search Plurk friends and fans avatar. Useing Google App Engine. ↗️
💫 @toomore/isufinstudio Finance Studio for isufin
💫 @toomore/HTLS 河圖洛書 ↗️
💫 @toomore/moztw-tasks Moztw Volunteers ↗️
💫 @littleq0903/simrank SimRank algorithm implementation in Python
💫 @billy3321/lazyscripts_pool_arch scripts and config pool for lazyscripts ↗️
💫 @billy3321/lazyscripts_pool_opensolaris scripts and config pool for lazyscripts ↗️
💫 @imrehg/twbankssl Taiwan bank SSL monitoring ↗️
💫 @imrehg/coderloop
💫 @toomore/OpenWeatherMap_API
💫 @imrehg/gowallahash Source of Gowallahash, where Geohashing and Gowalla meets. ↗️
💫 @daikeren/pyweb_code
💫 @imrehg/combcptpaper Paper in preparation for PRL
💫 @chiehwen/exploitpack Exploit Pack - One step ahead
💫 @imrehg/ultimaplanner Lord of Ultima city planner
💫 @daikeren/short_url A url shorten service using Django
💫 @imrehg/onetouchmap A more practical mapping/gps-logging software.
💫 @ywchiu/ka-translate Subtitle Translation
💫 @imrehg/startupbus my startupbus application
💫 @yongjhih/fh2py Battlefild2 FH2 python
💫 @imrehg/leanpubsales Script to check your Leanpub book sales
💫 @a0726h77/ipscan scan ip and lookup hostname (in python and gtk)
💫 @imrehg/thinliquidfilm2 Fork of thinliquidfilm, reviving its developement.
💫 @fygrave/httpsh Shell over HTTP
💫 @wurmen/DEA 最清楚完整的資料包絡分析(Data Envelopment Analysis, DEA)演算法及建模介紹,以及開發 DEA 擴充函式 (The most complete and clear documentation for Data-Envelopment-Analysis, DEA, algorithms and modeling)


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @JuanitoFatas/fast-ruby 💨 Writing Fast Ruby 😍 —— Collect Common Ruby idioms. ↗️
💫 @hothero/awesome-rails-gem A collection of awesome Ruby Gems for Rails development.
💫 @zetachang/react.rb Opal Ruby wrapper of React.js library. ↗️
💫 @tsechingho/chosen-rails Integrate Chosen javascript library with Rails asset pipeline ↗️
💫 @zetachang/opal-native React Native in Ruby
💫 @xdite/bootstrappers Bootstrappers is the base Rails application using Bootstrap template and other goodies.
💫 @evenwu/pinterest-clone-layout ↗️
💫 @JuanitoFatas/Guides 🙈 DEPRECATED, NEW REPO 👉 ↗️
💫 @xdite/bootstrap-helper Twitter Bootstrap Helper for Rails, support will_paginate & simple_form template
💫 @tsechingho/ckeditor-rails Integrate CKEditor javascript library with Rails asset pipeline ↗️
💫 @st0012/SafeFinder When NullObject meets ActiveRecord
💫 @xdite/66kjobs 66K 高薪網 ↗️
💫 @tsechingho/authlogic_bundle The authlogic/declarative_authorization based authentication/authorization system supported via engines and template of rails.
💫 @godfat/rest-graph A lightweight Facebook Graph API client
💫 @JuanitoFatas/active_sample I'm feeling lucky! 🎲 ↗️
💫 @st0012/ActiveJob-Cron ActiveJob extension for recurrence
💫 @weijen/Ruby-on-Rails-4-Course The slides for Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4
💫 @godfat/jellyfish Pico web framework for building API-centric web applications
💫 @evenwu/golden-grid-framework ↗️
💫 @godfat/rest-core Various rest-builder middleware for building REST clients.
💫 @st0012/factory_factory_girl A gem that helps you generate your factory files.
💫 @hothero/wpdb_activerecord It's a wrapper for the WordPress database, using ActiveRecord.
💫 @lulalala/multi_logger Create multiple loggers in Rails
💫 @tonytonyjan/jaro_winkler Ruby & C implementation of Jaro-Winkler distance algorithm which supports UTF-8 string.
💫 @ihower/rails3-app-template My favorite Rails3 app template
💫 @tonytonyjan/tj-markdown-paste Markdown publishing service with mathematical syntax and automatic code highlight. ↗️
💫 @godfat/rib Ruby-Interactive-ruBy -- Yet another interactive Ruby shell
💫 @JuanitoFatas/dotpryrc .pryrc
💫 @godfat/muack Muack -- Yet Another Mocking Library
💫 @tonytonyjan/xdite Command line tool that prints famous quotes. ↗️
💫 @godfat/rest-more Various REST clients such as Facebook and Twitter built with rest-core
💫 @godfat/dm-is-reflective DataMapper plugin that helps you manipulate an existing database.
💫 @JuanitoFatas/active_error Create an exception with backtrace has never been easier ❤️ ↗️
💫 @tomchentw/angular-ujs Unobtrusive scripting for AngularJS ( without jQuery dependency ) ↗️
💫 @ihower/country_and_region_select Country and Region Select Plugin (please checkout ↗️
💫 @JuanitoFatas/active_loader 📂 Load YAML and JSON easily and safely with Active Loader.
💫 @xdite/groupme
💫 @tonytonyjan/gistyle GIStyle is a Rails plug-in for DOM-based routing of Javascript, inspired from Paul Irish and Jason Garber.
💫 @lulalala/taiwanese_news_parser 台灣各新聞網站新聞解析器
💫 @mose/hackpad-cli A CLI for some remote hackpad operations.
💫 @xdite/bootcolor Auto Generate Color for Bootstrap
💫 @godfat/rubyqc RubyQC -- A conceptual QuickCheck library for Ruby
💫 @xdite/facebook_connect_demo_application facebook_connect_demo_application
💫 @kaochenlong/rails_app_template
💫 @tonytonyjan/sonycam Sony Camera API Wrapper
💫 @mose/shellplay CLI tool for shell-based presentations.
💫 @lulalala/mei A futaba styled Rails imageboard
💫 @brucehsu/pickbox Yet another Dropbox copycat utilizing convergent encryption
💫 @xdite/plurk Unofficial API for ↗️
💫 @tonytonyjan/brainana_shop 歐付寶 + Rails 串接範例網站 ↗️
💫 @ihower/validates_url_of a Rails plugin to validate URL attribute and append http://
💫 @ihower/i18n_google_translate Google translate powered backend for Rails-2.2 i18n
💫 @tsechingho/modernizr-rails Integrate Modernizr javascript library with Rails asset pipeline
💫 @xdite/performance-guide
💫 @xdite/fast_random Ultra Fast ORDER BY RAND solution
💫 @tsechingho/icomoon-rails The icomoon-rails gem integrates the free icon pack of IcoMoon with the Rails asset pipeline. It also provide a way to fork with your won icon fonts.
💫 @ihower/redmine_simple_api This plugin provides a simple REST API for Redmine
💫 @xdite/openid_pack restuful_authenication + openid
💫 @tonytonyjan/easycard 台灣悠遊卡交易紀錄查詢工具/A search tool for Taiwan EasyCard
💫 @xdite/auto-facebook auto mount omniauth-facebook
💫 @kaochenlong/ntub_homework
💫 @tonytonyjan/allpay 歐付寶 API 的 Ruby 包裝。
💫 @JuanitoFatas/Girls_I_Loved a comprehensive Rails 3.2 CRUD example [↗️](WARNING! a lot of bad jokes inside!)
💫 @godfat/app-deploy rake tasks for deployment
💫 @evenwu/path-menu-ex Path Menu Extreme 超級版! ↗️
💫 @tka/jruby-rawr-swt-helloworld
💫 @godfat/slow-uploading Demonstration for Slow uploading on Heroku Cedar stack with Unicorn
💫 @JuanitoFatas/mojime Remove all the emoji ↗️
💫 @tonytonyjan/tjstamp A tool for generating Chinese characters stamp image ↗️
💫 @evenwu/fireapp-susy-demo 原本只是要 demo 一下 SUSY grid 結果弄出了更厲害的東西呀... ↗️
💫 @hSATAC/youtube-favorite-to-google-music Automatically download Youtube video and encode it to mp3 for Google Music Manager to upload after you favorite it.
💫 @godfat/ruby-server-exp Ruby Application Server Experiments
💫 @ihower/handicraft_helper provide some useful rails 2.x helpers
💫 @itszero/MakeYourOwnCalIcon Make your own calendar Icon! It's a Sinatra + RMagick exmaple. ↗️
💫 @godfat/ripl-rc ripl plugins collection, take you want, leave you don't. ↗️
💫 @xdite/essential-rails-pattern RubyConf TW 2011 Talk of xdite ↗️
💫 @fumin/rubymotion-zeromq zeromq in rubymotion
💫 @tonytonyjan/good_lock
💫 @JuanitoFatas/html-pipeline-rouge_filter Rouge integration with HTML::Pipeline. ↗️
💫 @godfat/rack-handlers Unicorn family Rack handlers for you. Mostly for rails s
💫 @godfat/pagify Pagination tools for Array(or custom class), DataMapper and ActiveRecord
💫 @godfat/rack2 So this is an experiment and proof of concept to see if we could improve Rack without losing compatibility
💫 @JuanitoFatas/jekyll-twemoji Twemoji plugin for Jekyll. ↗️
💫 @fumin/paxuby Paxos algorithm in Ruby
💫 @tonytonyjan/TJNGram N-Gram generator in Ruby, supporting English, Chinese, Janpanese and Korean.
💫 @godfat/cht-phrases Chinese phrases
💫 @godfat/unigrep Print Unicode information matching description. (grep Unicode data)
💫 @tka/recommender-demo
💫 @ihower/spakit SPAkit is a plugin that makes it very easy to turn your Rails App Into a "single page application" (SPA). ↗️
💫 @ihower/talkplus-cramp Startup weekend Taipei 2011 project
💫 @xdite/
💫 @godfat/source-tools source code tools collection
💫 @st0012/html-pipeline-youtube A html-pipeline filter that converts youtube url into video iframe
💫 @tonytonyjan/sfacg_downloader SFACG Comic Downloader
💫 @brucehsu/kincomi Kindle Paperwhite .mobi generator for Comic/Manga
💫 @ihower/dcf Dimensional Campaign Finance API for Taiwan (g0v project)
💫 @evenwu/compass-ggs-framework golden grid system in compass framework
💫 @xdite/asiasearch Yahoo Asia Search
💫 @hSATAC/octo
💫 @tonytonyjan/guest-chat ↗️
💫 @evenwu/fireapp-css-sprite-demo null
💫 @mike-north/foundation-icons-rails ZURB's foundation icons for use with Rails projects
💫 @xdite/novel-crawler The bot will crawl novel , chapter by chapter , and pack it to RTF / TXT format
💫 @tka/rubyconf-tw-2015-ruby-go
💫 @tonytonyjan/libpuzzle_ruby This is a C extension for libpuzzle to find similar pictures.
💫 @ihower/acts_as_state_pattern a Rails plugin to implement state pattern using mixology gem, which enables objects to mixin and unmix modules.
💫 @lulalala/email_domain_validator Validates whether the email domain can accept emails
💫 @godfat/dev-tool clone this into ~/ without configuration?
💫 @JuanitoFatas/singapore Adding Singlish support to the Ruby language ↗️
💫 @godfat/logi Highly customizable static blog/wiki generator
💫 @godfat/rack-rails-logger Tell Rails to respect env['rack.logger']
💫 @godfat/xmpp4r-robot Simple XMPP client built upon xmpp4r. Intended for building simple robots.
💫 @godfat/thumbo create thumbnails via RMagick
💫 @tonytonyjan/admin_scaffold admin scaffold generator
💫 @godfat/friendly_format make user input be valid xhtml and format it with gsub("\n", "
") etc.
💫 @godfat/promise_pool promise_pool is a promise implementation backed by threads or threads pool.
💫 @xdite/forum_demo
💫 @godfat/not-used-mogilefs-client experiments from official mogilefs-client
💫 @ihower/simple_api_auth A Rack middleware and Railtie(for Rails3) for API key authentication.
💫 @ihower/simple_cas CAS server
💫 @tsechingho/mongodb-tutorial
💫 @hSATAC/parse-relative-key Tool to find Rails relative key in controller before_action
💫 @kaochenlong/nthu_library
💫 @mose/cogbot Irc bot based on Cinch.
💫 @xdite/yahoobb-pack Openid_pack with yahoo_bb auth ↗️
💫 @godfat/pork Pork -- Simple and clean and modular testing library
💫 @brucehsu/s2sync Simple Status Sync ↗️
💫 @JuanitoFatas/JuanitoFatas 🎎 My Breakable Toy ↗️
💫 @godfat/saya Saya helps you post a post to different SNS simultaneously.
💫 @mose/ender-rails Replace jQuery by ender in your asset pipeline.
💫 @xdite/bootstrap-helper3
💫 @itszero/ChromeLater An Instapaper chrome extension.
💫 @dannvix/LZW.rb the Lemple-Ziv-Welch compression algorithm implementation in pure Ruby
💫 @godfat/jin-rou this is a web game based on 汝は人狼なりや? built with ramaze and datamapper.
💫 @xdite/my_bookstore
💫 @xdite/twitter-message-wall-gae twitter-message-wall Google Appengine version ↗️
💫 @xdite/slack-liked-signup-flow simple slack-liked-signup-flow app
💫 @itszero/country_codes_with_contient The Country Codes plugin finds and converts between country information as described in ISO 3166-1; forked from ptb's version and added Contient information. ↗️
💫 @xdite/twsms ↗️
💫 @kaochenlong/code_refactoring_demo
💫 @xdite/srt-downloader
💫 @mose/zabbix-ruby-client A client tool for sending monitoring data to a zabbix server.
💫 @ihower/rails-exercise-ac9
💫 @itszero/osm-simple-router A simple A* pathfinder for using with OpenStreetMap data
💫 @ihower/ruby-kata a rspec+guard+growl kata lab environment
💫 @zetachang/Code-Rush Site for Oier training
💫 @ihower/yahoo_lifestyle_tw Ruby Library for the Yahoo! LifeStyle API ↗️
💫 @brucehsu/garbagebot5566 雲端大數據深度不學習類發神經網路廢文AI機器人
💫 @itszero/rails21-book-tw Ruby on Rails What's new for 2.1 - Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) Edition
💫 @godfat/sync-defer Synchronous deferred operations with fibers (coroutines)
💫 @tsechingho/devise_tutorial This tutorial will introduce how to use devise to setup your authentication system of Rails 3.
💫 @itszero/InvoicePrinter A Ruby library which interacts with the Invoice Printers, specifically Epson U420-series.
💫 @tonytonyjan/my_cart This repo is used for teaching in my class.
💫 @hothero/first_app first_app of ror tutorial
💫 @hothero/active_merchant_pay2go
💫 @zetachang/colorbox-on-rails An assets gem for jquery.colorbox integrating with Rails 3.1 ↗️
💫 @tonytonyjan/fc2_get FC2 Video Downloader
💫 @tonytonyjan/rails_on_webpack This product is a demonstration of integration between Rails and Webpack without using any ruby gem.
💫 @JuanitoFatas/comer_de_tapas Ruby Tapas Downloader
💫 @JuanitoFatas/sieve_of_eratosthenes
💫 @JuanitoFatas/git-open 📂 Open the repository in your browser, yay! ↗️
💫 @weijen/gurupu gurupu
💫 @JuanitoFatas/Ana A command-Iine tool for
💫 @kaochenlong/cart-with-tests null
💫 @dannvix/Keccak.rb Keccak (aka SHA-3) implementation in pure Ruby
💫 @kaochenlong/rails5_app_template null
💫 @dannvix/DAssembler-for-SIC-XE A simple SIC/XE assembler implementation in Ruby.
💫 @Domon/trollop forked from ↗️
💫 @ihower/rails-exercise-ac7
💫 @Domon/plurky Yet another Plurk API wrapper.
💫 @ihower/talkplus-rails Startup weekend Taipei 2011 project
💫 @tsechingho/jquery_corpus Manage jQuery and it's plugins for Rails 3 applications.
💫 @ihower/rails-exercise-ac8
💫 @mike-north/flavordb-ruby A ruby client for the FlavorDB API
💫 @xdite/heroku-static-demo heroku static demo ↗️
💫 @tsechingho/authentication_engine_demo This is a demo application for authentication_engine.
💫 @xdite/tips-wiki tips-wiki
💫 @st0012/spring-commands-rescue
💫 @xdite/merb-blog-crud
💫 @lulalala/sugarcoat Create web pages in Ruby like in PHP
💫 @xdite/feedback4us
💫 @chinghanho/chh_moretext Generate random Traditional Chinese text from Moretext API. 透過 Handlino 的 Moretext API 產生隨機中文句子或段落。
💫 @dannvix/iLogbot interactive Logbot featuring a web-based client for mobile
💫 @xdite/d-veryxd ↗️


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
[![💫][fpRust-shield]][fpRust] @TeaEntityLab/fpRust Monad, Functional Programming features for Rust. ↗️


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @PkmX/lcamera A camera app using the new camera2 API in Android Lollipop
💫 @brianhsu/IRCBalloon IRC / Chatroom / Twitch Chatroom popup notification.
💫 @misgod/twculture 台灣藝文資訊 Android app ↗️
💫 @brianhsu/MaidroidPlurk An Android Plurk Client with Cute Maid
💫 @PkmX/gyromouse Using Android's gyroscope as a mouse on Linux
💫 @Plummtw/Astgrail Astgrail
💫 @Plummtw/jinrou_Lift jinrou_Lift
💫 @brianhsu/FindLost Lost & Fond android application.
💫 @brianhsu/BeDone BeDone -- A GTD TODO management web application. ↗️


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @ambientlight/DispatchTimer DispatchTimer is a GCD-based NSTimer analogue that you can also pause/resume and set the finite number of invocations.
💫 @ryanchang0827/SwiftPlugin-God For Swift Utils & Tools
💫 @Cassiszuoan/PhotoGrabber A simple app grabbing users' photo from instagram based on swift
💫 @ghostwolf90/LaiQ
💫 @joehour/ScratchCard A ScratchCard view on iOS(swift)
💫 @joehour/PullRefresh_LoadMore A PullRefresh and LoadMore TableView on iOS(swift)
💫 @joehour/JImageLoader A asynchronous web image loader with CircleProgressView written in Swift.


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @stevenshiau/Clonezilla Clonezilla is a partition or disk clone tool similar to Norton Ghost®. ↗️
💫 @stevenshiau/DRBL Diskless Remote Boot in Linux ↗️


🌟 Stargazers Name Description 🌍
💫 @skydome20/R-Notes Notes for using R language to do data mining and machine learning
💫 @skydome20/crawler_CIA_CREST R-crawler for CIA website (CREST)

MIT (made in Taiwan)

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