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ActiveStorage Aliyun Service

Wraps the Aliyun OSS as an Active Storage service, use Aliyun official Ruby SDK for upload.

Gem Version build


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem "activestorage-aliyun"

And then execute:

$ bundle


NOTE! Current document work for Rails 6.1, if you are using Rails 6.0, please visit: You can also to use activestorage-aliyun 1.0.0 in Rails 6.0


  service: Aliyun
  access_key_id: "your-oss-access-key-id"
  access_key_secret: "your-oss-access-key-secret"
  bucket: "bucket-name"
  endpoint: ""
  # path prefix, default: /
  path: "my-app-files"
  # Bucket public: true/false, default: true, for generate public/private URL.
  public: true

Custom Domain

  service: Aliyun
  access_key_id: "your-oss-access-key-id"
  access_key_secret: "your-oss-access-key-secret"
  bucket: "bucket-name"
  endpoint: ""
  public: false
  # Enable cname to use custom domain
  cname: true

Use for image url

Original File URL:

<%= image_tag @photo.image.url %>

Thumb with OSS image service:

class Photo < ApplicationRecord
  def image_thumb_url(process)
    self.image.url(params: { "x-oss-process" => process })

And then:

<%= image_tag @photo.image_thumb_url("image/resize,h_100,w_100") %>

Use for file download

If you want to get original filename (Include Chinese and other UTF-8 chars), for example: 演示文件, you need present disposition: :attachment option.

<%= image_tag @photo.image.url(disposition: :attachment) %>


Run test

$ bin/test test/activestorage_aliyun_test.rb
# run a line
$ bin/test test/activestorage_aliyun_test.rb:129


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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