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Elasticsearch for VSCode

Welcome to Elasticsearch for VSCode! An extension for developing elasticsearch queries like Kibana console and Sense extention.



  • Open an existing file with a .es file extenion or open a new text file (ctrl+n) and change the language mode to Elasticsearch (es) by pressing ctrl+k,m and select es. Elasticsearch queries and funtionalities are enabled in the es language mode in Visual Studio Code editor.
  • For https endpoints, just add protocol type in url : https://host
  • For auth protected clusters, you can use http://user:[email protected]:9200 as the endpoint url to have it auth.

Submit requests

Simple way:

GET /my-index/_search
    "query": {
        "match" : {
            "message" : {
                "query" : "this is a test"

Get payload from file [#4]:

PUT /my-index


  • Elastic: Set Host to create connection profile and connect.


  • Alt + Enter / Ctrl + Enter to execute selected query.


  • Work with multi host
  • User Authentication
  • IntelliSense like kibana autocomplete

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