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React Native Chunk Upload 2.x


A package to bring Chunked File Upload / Resumable File Upload into React Native. Split a large file into multiple smaller pieces then upload them without worrying about network disconnection, even if it happens React Native Chunk Upload will only upload the failed chunk not the whole file!


In v1.x we had to first break the whole file into smaller pieces and then start uploading them.
But in v2.x this problem has been fixed. In addition, the speed of this process has increased 10 times.

.digIn(file instead of files, next*, retry*, unlink);

You may want to take a look at the Schema section.


⚠ Make sure the following packages are installed.


  • via NPM

    npm i react-native-chunk-upload
  • via Yarn

    yarn add react-native-chunk-upload

Basic Usage

import Axios from 'axios';
import ChunkUpload from 'react-native-chunk-upload';

const chunk = new ChunkUpload({
    path: response.path, // Path to the file
    size: 10095, // Chunk size (must be multiples of 3)
    fileName: response.fileName, // Original file name
    fileSize: response.size, // Original file size

    // Errors
    onFetchBlobError: (e) => console.log(e),
    onWriteFileError: (e) => console.log(e),


upload(file, next, retry, unlink) {
    const body = new FormData();

    body.append('video', file.blob); // param name'❌ URL HERE ❌', body, {
        headers: {
            "Content-Type": "multipart/form-data",
            "Accept": 'application/json',

            // 💥 Choose one of the following methods:

            // 1️⃣ If you're using the wester-chunk-upload php library...

            // 2️⃣ Customize the headers
            "x-chunk-number": file.headers["x-chunk-number"],
            "x-chunk-total-number": file.headers["x-chunk-total-number"],
            "x-chunk-size": file.headers["x-chunk-size"],
            "x-file-name": file.headers["x-file-name"],
            "x-file-size": file.headers["x-file-size"],
            "x-file-identity": file.headers["x-file-identity"]
        .then(response => {
            switch (response.status) {
                // ✅ done
                case 200:


                // 🕗 still uploading...
                case 201:
                    console.log(`${}% uploaded...`);

        .catch(error => {
            // ❌ waddafuk? 😟
            if (error.response) {
                if ([400, 404, 415, 500, 501].includes(error.response.status)) {
                    console.log(error.response.status, 'Failed to upload the chunk.');

                } else if (error.response.status === 422) {
                    console.log('Validation Error',;
                } else {
                    console.log('Re-uploading the chunk...');

            } else {
                console.log('Re-uploading the chunk...');


Wester Chunk Upload PHP Library

If you're going to use this library, you won't need much to do...

// easy peasy, right? 😁
headers: {
    "Content-Type": "multipart/form-data",
    "Accept": 'application/json',



        file: {
            path: string,
            headers: {
                "x-chunk-number": number,
                "x-chunk-total-number": number,
                "x-chunk-size": number,
                "x-file-name": string,
                "x-file-size": number,
                "x-file-identity": string
            blob: {
                name: string,
                type: string,
                uri: string
        next: () => void,
        retry: () => void,
        unlink: (path: string) => void
    ): void
): void;

Support Us

Just star the repository, that's it! 😉

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