Smartthings Capabilities

SmartThings Capabilities
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Json Editor5,376141375 years ago19August 07, 2016461mitJavaScript
JSON Schema Based Editor
Json Editor3,6391116a day ago34August 16, 2022197mitJavaScript
JSON Schema Based Editor
526 years ago1March 24, 20157mitObjective-C
Surfboard is a delightful onboarding framework for iOS.
Wuss Weapp305
3 years ago30October 08, 20194mitJavaScript
:whale:wuss-weapp 一款高质量,组件齐全,高自定义的微信小程序UI组件库
Couch Photon78
23 days agomit
An alternative CouchDB admin panel
Iview Aliapp53
2 years ago6JavaScript
支付宝小程序版 iview 组件库。
React Json To Csv499412 days ago5February 21, 20194mitJavaScript
A react button component to easily generate csv downloads of your json data. ✨
React Native Simple Survey42
43 years ago9February 12, 20205mitJavaScript
Simple to use JSON based survey component for React Native
Blue Button361984 months ago101September 19, 201746otherJavaScript
Blue Button (CCDA/CMS Blue Button/etc) to JSON Parser.
Json Table Editor25
8 months ago1mitJavaScript
Built with VanillaJS, lightweight table editor inspired by wikimedia's visual-table-editor. DEMO -
Alternatives To Smartthings Capabilities
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SmartThings Capabilities

Last Update: 2023-03-21

Capability Status Capability Presentation
Acceleration Sensor live json
Activity Lighting Mode proposed json
Activity Sensor live json
Actuator deprecated
Air Conditioner Fan Mode live json
Air Conditioner Mode live json
Air Flow Direction dead
Air Purifier Fan Mode proposed json
Air Quality Sensor live json
Alarm live json
Alarm System dead
Alarm System Arm Only dead
Astronomical Data dead
Atmospheric Pressure Measurement proposed json
Audio Capture proposed json
Audio Mute live json
Audio Notification live json
Audio Stream live json
Audio Track Addressing proposed
Audio Track Data proposed json
Audio Volume live json
Battery live json
Beacon deprecated
Body Mass Index Measurement live json
Body Weight Measurement proposed json
Bridge deprecated json
Buffered Video Capture deprecated
Bulb dead
Button live json
Bypassable live json
Camera Preset proposed json
Carbon Dioxide Health Concern live json
Carbon Dioxide Measurement live json
Carbon Monoxide Detector live json
Carbon Monoxide Measurement live json
Chime proposed json
Color proposed
Color Control live json
Color Mode proposed json
Color Temperature live json
Configuration live
Consumable proposed json
Contact Sensor live json
Current Measurement proposed json
Demand Response Load Control proposed
Dew Point live json
Dishwasher Mode proposed json
Dishwasher Operating State proposed json
Dishwasher Operational State deprecated
Door Control live json
Driving Status proposed json
Dryer Mode proposed json
Dryer Operating State proposed json
Dust Health Concern proposed json
Dust Sensor live json
Elevator Call live json
Energy Meter live json
Equivalent Carbon Dioxide Measurement live json
Estimated Time Of Arrival proposed json
Execute live
Fan Oscillation Mode live json
Fan Speed live json
Feeder Operating State proposed json
Feeder Portion proposed json
Filter State live
Filter Status proposed json
Fine Dust Health Concern live json
Fine Dust Sensor live json
Firmware Update live
Formaldehyde Measurement live json
Garage Door Control deprecated json
Gas Detector proposed json
Gas Meter live json
Geofence proposed
Geofences deprecated
Geolocation proposed json
Health Check live
Holdable Button deprecated
Humidifier Mode live json
Illuminance Measurement live json
Image Capture live json
Indicator deprecated
Infrared Level live json
Keypad Input proposed json
Language Setting proposed json
Light deprecated
Location Mode live
Lock live json
Lock Codes live
Lock Only deprecated
Log Trigger proposed
Media Controller proposed
Media Group proposed json
Media Input Source live json
Media Playback live json
Media Playback Repeat proposed json
Media Playback Shuffle proposed json
Media Presets proposed json
Media Track Control live json
Mode proposed json
Mold Health Concern live json
Momentary live json
Motion Sensor live json
Music Player deprecated json
Network Meter live
Notification live json
Object Detection live json
Occupancy Sensor live json
Ocf proposed
Odor Sensor live json
Operating State proposed
Outlet deprecated
Oven Mode proposed json
Oven Operating State proposed json
Oven Operational State deprecated
Oven Setpoint proposed json
Panic Alarm live json
Pest Control proposed json
Polling deprecated
Power Consumption Report live
Power Meter live json
Power Source live json
Precipitation Measurement proposed
Precipitation Rate proposed
Precipitation Sensor proposed json
Presence Sensor live json
Radon Health Concern proposed json
Radon Measurement live json
Rapid Cooling proposed json
Refresh live json
Refrigeration live json
Refrigeration Setpoint proposed json
Relative Brightness proposed json
Relative Humidity Measurement live json
Relay Switch deprecated
Remote Control Status live json
Rice Cooker proposed json
Robot Cleaner Cleaning Mode live json
Robot Cleaner Movement proposed json
Robot Cleaner State deprecated
Robot Cleaner Turbo Mode live json
Samsung TV live
Scenes proposed
Scent proposed json
Security System live json
Sensor deprecated
Shock Sensor deprecated
Signal Strength live json
Sleep Sensor live json
Smoke Detector live json
Sound Detection live json
Sound Pressure Level live json
Sound Sensor live json
Speech Recognition proposed
Speech Synthesis proposed json
Stateless Air Cleaner Mode Button proposed json
Stateless Audio Mute Button live json
Stateless Audio Volume Button live json
Stateless Channel Button live json
Stateless Curtain Power Button proposed json
Stateless Custom Button live json
Stateless Fanspeed Button live json
Stateless Fanspeed Mode Button proposed json
Stateless Humidifier Mode Button proposed json
Stateless Media Playback Button proposed json
Stateless Power Button live json
Stateless Power Toggle Button live json
Stateless Robot Cleaner Action Button proposed json
Stateless Robot Cleaner Home Button proposed json
Stateless Robot Cleaner Toggle Button proposed json
Stateless Scenes proposed
Stateless Set Channel Button proposed json
Stateless Set Channel By Content Button proposed json
Stateless Set Channel By Name Button proposed json
Stateless Temperature Button live json
Stateless Volume Button With Repetition proposed json
Step Sensor proposed
Switch live json
Switch Level live json
TV live
Tamper Alert live json
Temperature Alarm live json
Temperature Measurement live json
Test Capability live
Thermostat deprecated json
Thermostat Cooling Setpoint live json
Thermostat Fan Mode live json
Thermostat Heating Setpoint live json
Thermostat Mode live json
Thermostat Operating State live json
Thermostat Schedule deprecated
Thermostat Setpoint deprecated json
Three Axis live json
Timed Session proposed
Tone live json
Touch Sensor deprecated
Tv Channel proposed json
Tvoc Health Concern proposed json
Tvoc Measurement live json
Ultraviolet Index live json
Valve live json
Vehicle Engine proposed json
Vehicle Fuel Level proposed json
Vehicle Information proposed json
Vehicle Odometer proposed json
Vehicle Range proposed json
Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitor proposed json
Very Fine Dust Health Concern live json
Very Fine Dust Sensor live json
Video Camera live json
Video Capture live json
Video Clips proposed
Video Stream live json
Voltage Measurement live json
Washer Mode proposed json
Washer Operating State live json
Washer Operational State deprecated
Water Flow Alarm proposed
Water Meter proposed
Water Pressure Measurement proposed
Water Sensor live json
Wifi Mesh Router proposed
Wind Speed proposed
Window Shade live json
Window Shade Level live json
Window Shade Preset live json
Wireless Operating Mode proposed json
Zw Multichannel live
pH Measurement live json
webrtc live
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