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Simple server that scrapes Nginx vts stats and exports them via HTTP for Prometheus consumption

To support time related histogram metrics, please refer to hnlq715/nginx-prometheus-metrics or #43.


It's hard to say that this project is not maintained any longer, and it is recommended to use nginx-vtx-module instead, which supports multiple vhost_traffic_status_display_format, like <json|html|jsonp|prometheus>.

Hope you guys enjoy it, and thanks for all the contributors and the issue finders. 😃

Table of Contents



Binary can be downloaded from Releases page.


build binary


build RPM package

make rpm

build docker image

make docker

Docker Hub Image

docker pull sophos/nginx-vts-exporter:latest

It can be used directly instead of having to build the image yourself. (Docker Hub sophos/nginx-vts-exporter)


run binary

nohup /bin/nginx-vts-exporter -nginx.scrape_uri=http://localhost/status/format/json

run docker

docker run  -ti --rm --env NGINX_STATUS="http://localhost/status/format/json" sophos/nginx-vts-exporter

Environment variables

This image is configurable using different env variables

Variable name Default Description
NGINX_STATUS http://localhost/status/format/json Nginx JSON format status page
METRICS_ENDPOINT /metrics Metrics endpoint exportation URI
METRICS_ADDR :9913 Metrics exportation address:port
METRICS_NS nginx Prometheus metrics Namespaces


Documents about exposed Prometheus metrics.

For details on the underlying metrics please see nginx-module-vts

For grafana dashboard please see nginx-vts-exporter dashboard

Server main

Metrics details

Nginx data Name Exposed informations
Info {NAMESPACE}_server_info hostName, nginxVersion, uptimeSec
Connections {NAMESPACE}_server_connections status [active, reading, writing, waiting, accepted, handled]

Metrics output example

# Server Info
nginx_server_info{hostName="localhost", nginxVersion="1.11.1"} 9527
# Server Connections
nginx_server_connections{status="accepted"} 70606

Server zones

Metrics details

Nginx data Name Exposed informations
Requests {NAMESPACE}_server_requests code [2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, total], host (or domain name)
Bytes {NAMESPACE}_server_bytes direction [in, out], host (or domain name)
Cache {NAMESPACE}_server_cache status [bypass, expired, hit, miss, revalidated, scarce, stale, updating], host (or domain name)

Metrics output example

# Server Requests
nginx_server_requests{code="1xx",host=""} 0

# Server Bytes
nginx_server_bytes{direction="in",host=""} 21

# Server Cache
nginx_server_cache{host="",status="bypass"} 2

Filter zones

Metrics details

Nginx data Name Exposed informations
Requests {NAMESPACE}_filter_requests code [2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx and total], filter, filter name
Bytes {NAMESPACE}_filter_bytes direction [in, out], filter, filter name
Response time {NAMESPACE}_filter_responseMsec filter, filter name

Metrics output example

# Filter Requests
nginx_upstream_requests{code="1xx", filter="country", filterName="BY"} 0

# Filter Bytes
nginx_upstream_bytes{direction="in", filter="country", filterName="BY"} 0

# Filter Response time
nginx_upstream_responseMsec{filter="country", filterName="BY"} 99


Metrics details

Nginx data Name Exposed informations
Requests {NAMESPACE}_upstream_requests code [2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx and total], upstream (or upstream name)
Bytes {NAMESPACE}_upstream_bytes direction [in, out], upstream (or upstream name)
Response time {NAMESPACE}_upstream_responseMsec backend (or server), in_bytes, out_bytes, upstream (or upstream name)

Metrics output example

# Upstream Requests
nginx_upstream_requests{code="1xx",upstream="XXX-XXXXX-3000"} 0

# Upstream Bytes
nginx_upstream_bytes{direction="in",upstream="XXX-XXXXX-3000"} 0

# Upstream Response time
nginx_upstream_responseMsec{backend="",upstream="XXX-XXXXX-3000"} 99

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