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Easily create an interactive motion chart from a Pandas Dataframe in Python. Publish the chart to a standalone webpage, show it in Jupyter notebook or save it as a html file

1. Install
pip install motionchart

2. Import
from motionchart.motionchart import MotionChart, MotionChartDemo

3. Test

4. Define your own motion chart using the columns in a pandas dataframe
Example: You have a dataframe called fruitdf and want to create a motionchart:

mChart = MotionChart(df = fruitdf)

5. Display the Motion Chart
or, if using Jupyter notebook

see for a live example

See the file "motion chart notebook" (in the notebooks folder above) for more examples and detailed instructions

This is an early version, use at your own risk, the API may change Note that the html file producing the (last) chart you show is saved in a file ("smc_temp.html" and in some cases "temp.html"). New files will overwrite old files.

See for more information about the javascript that builds the chart
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