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Speedtest Tracker

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This program runs a speedtest check every hour and graphs the results. The back-end is written in Laravel and the front-end uses React. It uses the Ookla's speedtest cli package to get the data and uses Chart.js to plot the results.

A demo can be found here

Disclaimer: You will need to accept Ookla's EULA and privacy agreements in order to use this container.



  • Automatically run a speedtest every hour
  • Graph of previous speedtests going back x days
  • Backup/restore data in JSON/CSV format
  • Slack/Discord/Telegram notifications
  • integration
  • Organizr integration

Installation & Setup

Using Docker

A docker image is available here, you can create a new conatiner by running:

docker create \
      --name=speedtest \
      -p 8765:80 \
      -v /path/to/data:/config \
      -e OOKLA_EULA_GDPR=true \
      --restart unless-stopped \

Using Docker Compose

version: '3.3'
        container_name: speedtest
        image: henrywhitaker3/speedtest-tracker
            - 8765:80
            - /path/to/data:/config
            - TZ=
            - PGID=
            - PUID=
            - OOKLA_EULA_GDPR=true
            driver: "json-file"
                max-file: "10"
                max-size: "200k"
        restart: unless-stopped


There are 2 different docker images:

Tag Description
latest This is the stable release of the app
dev This release has more features, although could have some bugs


Container images are configured using parameters passed at runtime (such as those above). These parameters are separated by a colon and indicate <external>:<internal> respectively. For example, -p 8080:80 would expose port 80 from inside the container to be accessible from the host's IP on port 8080 outside the container.

Parameter Function
-p 8765:80 Exposes the webserver on port 8765
-v /config All the config files reside here.
-e OOKLA_EULA_GDPR Set to 'true' to accept the Ookla EULA and privacy agreement. If this is not set, the container will not start
-e SLACK_WEBHOOK Optional. Put a slack webhook here to get slack notifications when a speedtest is run. To use discord webhooks, just append /slack to the end of your discord webhook URL
-e TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN Optional. Telegram bot API token.
-e TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID Optional. Telegram chat ID.
-e PUID Optional. Supply a local user ID for volume permissions
-e PGID Optional. Supply a local group ID for volume permissions
-e AUTH Optional. Set to 'true' to enable authentication for the app


Authentication is optional. When enabled, unauthenticated users will only be able to see the graphs and tests table. To be able to queue a new speedtest, backup/restore data and update instance settings you will need to log in. To enable authentication, pass the AUTH=true environment variable in docker or run php artisan speedtest:auth --enable for manual installs (same command with --disable to turn it off).

The default credentials are:

Field Function
username [email protected]
password password

After enabling, you should change the password through the web UI.

Manual Install

For manual installations, please follow the instructions here.

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