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Golang Microservices Example

A demonstration of Golang micro-services that expose a HTTP/JSON frontend and then leverages gRPC for inter-service communication.

  • Services written in Golang
  • gRPC for inter-service communication
  • Jaeger for request tracing

The example application plots Hotel locations on a Google map:

screen shot 2016-11-07 at 9 31 12 pm

The web page makes an HTTP request to the API Endpoint which in turn spawns a number of RPC requests to the backend services.

Data for each of the services is stored in JSON flat files under the data/ directory. In reality each of the services could choose their own specialty datastore. The Geo service for example could use PostGis or any other database specializing in geospacial queries.

Request Tracing

The Jaeger Tracing project is used for tracing inter-service requests. The tracing package is used initialize a new service tracer:

tracer, err := tracing.Init("serviceName", jaegeraddr)
if err != nil {
    fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "%v\n", err)
jaeger tracing example

View dashboard: http://localhost:16686/search



Docker is required for running the services

Protobuf v3 are required:

$ brew install protobuf

Install the protoc-gen libraries:

$ go get -u{proto,protoc-gen-go}

Clone the repository:

$ git clone [email protected]:harlow/go-micro-services.git


To make the demo as straigforward as possible; Docker Compose is used to run all the services at once (In a production environment each of the services would be run (and scaled) independently).

$ make run

Vist the web page in a browser:


cURL the API endpoint and receive GeoJSON response:

$ curl "http://localhost:5000/hotels?inDate=2015-04-09&outDate=2015-04-10"

The JSON response:

	"type": "FeatureCollection",
	"features": [{
		"id": "5",
		"type": "Feature",
		"properties": {
			"name": "Phoenix Hotel",
			"phone_number": "(415) 776-1380"
		"geometry": {
			"type": "Point",
			"coordinates": [-122.4181, 37.7831]
	}, {
		"id": "3",
		"type": "Feature",
		"properties": {
			"name": "Hotel Zetta",
			"phone_number": "(415) 543-8555"
		"geometry": {
			"type": "Point",
			"coordinates": [-122.4071, 37.7834]


If changes are made to the Protocol Buffer files use the Makefile to regenerate:

$ make proto


The example app data is stored in flat files in the /data directory. When any of the data files are manually editied the bindata must be regenerated.

Install the go-bindata libraries:

$ go get -u

If changes are made to any of the raw JSON data files use the Makefile to regenerate:

$ make data


Thanks to all the contributors. This codebase was heavily inspired by the following talks and repositories:  ·  GitHub @harlow  ·  Twitter @comma_ok

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