HTTP-friendly error objects
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Hapi14,55415,7872,76821 days ago311March 19, 201967otherJavaScript
The Simple, Secure Framework Developers Trust
Boom2,912350,7781,967a year ago70November 28, 20182otherJavaScript
HTTP-friendly error objects
Http Framework500168 years ago4March 10, 201419mitJavaScript
A web framework based purely on require('http')
Wreck3826,0114096 months ago51March 05, 20194otherJavaScript
HTTP Client Utilities
Shot1973,10941a year ago69March 25, 20191otherJavaScript
Injects a fake HTTP request/response into your node server logic
Electrode Csrf Jwt127119a year ago15June 21, 20232otherJavaScript
Stateless Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection with JWT
Node Frameworks Benchmark115
6 years ago7JavaScript
Simple HTTP benchmark for different nodejs frameworks using wrk
Hapi Graphql11519106 years ago14July 06, 20168JavaScript
Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Hapi.
Node Epimetheus8327395 years ago36August 26, 201816mitJavaScript
node middleware to automatically instrument node applications for consumption by prometheus
Hapi Dev Errors59966 months ago24January 10, 2020mitJavaScript
A hapi plugin to return better error details and skip the look at command line to catch the issue.
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