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A Most Convenient Honeypot Platform

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HFish It is a cross platform honeypot platform developed based on golang, which has been meticulously built for enterprise security

  • Multi-function: Not just support HTTP(S) Pot,It also supports SSHSFTPRedisMysqlFTPTelnetDeep etc.
  • Expansibility: Provide API Interface,Users can expand honeypot module at will ( WEBPCAPP )
  • Convenience: Use Golang Development , Users can Win + Mac + Linux Quickly deploy a honeypot platform on

Support honeypot

  • SSH Pot
  • Redis Pot
  • Mysql Pot
  • MemCache Pot
  • Telnet Pot
  • FTP Pot
  • WEB Pot
  • Deep Pot
  • HTTP Pot
  • TFTP Pot
  • VNC Pot
  • ES Pot
  • Custom Pot

Rapid deployment

  • Download current system binary compression package
  • cd To program root , Update config.ini file
  • Implement ./HFish run Start service
  • Browser input http://localhost:9001 open

Partial interface display


Start service

Landing page


Situational awareness

Upper hook page

Distributed cluster

Mass mailing

settings page


I'm the only one right now

Team: HackLC


Focus on the safety industry, focus on building good products

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