Flutter Ui Designs

Just collection of UI designs build with flutter. Can run on any mobile, web & desktop.
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Flutter Ui Designs221
a year ago1mitDart
Just collection of UI designs build with flutter. Can run on any mobile, web & desktop.
2 years ago3mitJupyter Notebook
Health Check ✔ is a Machine Learning Web Application made using Flask that can predict mainly three diseases i.e. Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer.
2 years agoJavaScript
A card-matching game made with Flutter.
a year agomitDart
💡 A home for your ideas. It is an app where you can find inspiration for your projects/ideas or even showcase your ideas to the world. Connect wth developers who have your similiar mindsets or ideas and explore a whole new world together and create life changing apps 💡
3 years ago1lgpl-3.0Dart
The web application to know which color your region is during COVID19 in Italy
4 years agoDart
Web Auth login key generator - Flutter
a month agomitDart
This flutter project allows users to input their birthdate (day, month, year) and calculates their age in years, months, and days. The UI is designed with useMaterial3 and is simple and easy to use. The project is open source and can be used as a template for similar age calculator apps.
2 years ago20gpl-3.0Dart
:credit_card::calling: A modern ordering system for restaurants
a year agon,ullDart
Coffee Shop app! Take your coffee right now !
Flutter Signin And Signup Ui2
2 years agomitDart
This repository contains the Flutter UI design of the Login, and Sign Up screen.
Alternatives To Flutter Ui Designs
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Flutter UI Designs

True cross platform app runs on web, mobile & desktop


Requirements to run locally

  • Flutter stable v2.0.0+
  • Dart VM version: 2.12.0+
  • To enable desktop & web builds run the relevant command
    • Run flutter --enable-web
    • Run flutter --enable-macos-desktop
    • Run flutter --enable-linux-desktop
    • Run flutter --enable-windows-desktop
  • Run flutter doctor this command will show you what dependencies you need to install.

Getting started with code

Please note that this project's code is not meant for beginners! If you're just getting started with flutter I recommend you to explore some ToDo and basic setState apps and get yourself familiar with flutter and dart eco-system because in this project intermediate and advance implementations are use which will confuse you and won't help much in terms of learning.

  • There are 2 entry files for this project main.dart & main.mobile.dart. It was necessary because I'm using Firebase analytics and crashlytics and there isn't desktop support for Firebase yet.
  • Navigator.dart is responsible for managing routes, handles custom transition, pass parameter in screens and control navigation with keyboard shortcuts.
  • configs/AppDimensions.dart this is the magical file. It provides the app with:
  • UI.dart provides constant for building responsive UI.
    • My custom size unit based on device's width, height & pixel density.
    • Responsive containers.
    • Padding multiplier unit (I learned it with experience instead of using 1,2,3px should use multiplier. it helps maintain constancy around the app).
  • Widgets/Screen.dart This widget is necessary when building a new screen.
    • configure theme & font style.
    • It also receive a belowBuilders parameter which builds custom background (This enables us to build Parallax, Animated background & Any thing you could imagine in background). you can find an example in Screens/Download/Download.dart
  • Code structure is pretty much simple.
    • Don't import anything form ScreenA in ScreenB.
    • Don't import anything from Screen/Widget in universal files.
    • Don't import anything from ScreenA specific Widget in universal files.
    • Each Screen will have Dimensions.dart where you can write Screen's responsive logic.
    • I didn't use snake_case in naming convention just because I don't prefer it.
    • I use this for class's properties & methods I helps keep track of variables & class properties.


  • vslaunch.dart
    • dart sciprts/vslaunch.dart
    • This script will make vscode configuration file with all of your connected devices.
    • You can live debug app on multiple devices at once from vs code.
    • Each device's debug logs on separate DEBUG CONSOLE.
    • Very useful for testing UI for multiple devices simultaneously.

Show support

If you like the project and want to appreciate my effort. Then you can perform any of these steps


This project is licensed under the MIT license, Copyright (c) 2020 Hamza Iqbal. For more information see LICENSE.md.

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