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Lad2,224215 months ago39April 27, 202212mitJavaScript
Node.js framework made by a former @expressjs TC and @koajs team member. Built for @forwardemail, @spamscanner, @breejs, @cabinjs, and @lassjs.
14 months ago7February 03, 202013mitJavaScript
A Nodejs BFF framework, build with koa2(基于koa2的标准前后端分离框架)
Node Koa Mvc121
6 years ago5October 01, 20152HTML
Koa MVC Generator for node
7 years agoJavaScript
nodejs koa MVC blog
4 years agoJavaScript
a Node.js MVC framework based on Koa.js. 基于 Koa.js 的 Node.js MVC 框架。
6 years ago2April 04, 2017JavaScript
A MVC Node.js framework inspired by koa and spring
Koa Hwtm17
8 years ago1JavaScript
基于koa 构建的mvc 框架(http-websocket-tcp-mongodb),包括 http ,websocket,tcp ,mongodb 服务模块,目前可用于生产环境,以后有时间会继续维升级护,使用案例
2 months ago49September 17, 2021mitJavaScript
A simple and lightweight MVC framework built on nodejs+koa2(一个基于nodejs+koa2构建的简单轻量级MVC框架)
7 years agomitJavaScript
A Koa2 app boilerplate
8 years agomitJavaScript
Baxel is a MVC web framework build on top of
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Opinionated and minimalist MVC generator for koa. Inspired by express-generator.

Quick Start

The quickest way to get started with a koa app is to utilize the executable koa-mvc to generate an application as shown below:

Create the app:

    npm install -g koa-mvc
    koa-mvc /projects/foo && cd /projects/foo

Install dependencies:

    npm install

Rock and Roll

    node --harmony --harmony_proxies app


  • -t, --theme [name] switch application theme to [white|green|violet|red]. Defaults to red.

  • -d, --db [engine] change database to one of [mysql|postgresql|mongo|redis|memory|disk]. Defaults to disk.

  • -c, --css [engine] add stylesheet support [less|stylus|plain]. Defaults to plain css.

  • -a, --auth [type] add [type] authentication support [facebook|google|github|bitbucket|local]. Defaults to local only. Use ":" as separator for multiples (f.x. local:facebook:google). Set to false to disable (like koa-mvc ... -a false).

  • -e, --template [engine] change template engine. Support [ejs] only for now. Defaults to ejs.

  • -i, --i18n add i18n support. Translations used by i18n-node-2 ported to koa-i18n

  • -S, --no-session remove session support. Session is enabled by default.

  • -f, --force force on non-empty directory

    Example using layout green, mysql as db, facebook and google authentication:

    koa-mvc ~/www/test-koa-mvc -t green --db mysql -a local:facebook:google
    cd ~/www/test-koa-mvc
    npm install
    node --harmony --harmony_proxies app

Go to http://localhost:3000 and have fun hacking

Enough talk, show me something

green with facebook auth
koa-mvc myapp -t green -a facebook:github:google:

koa-mvc green app print screen koa-mvc green app login print screen


  • configs routes, general app stuff, authorization
    • main application configuration
    • auth authorization and authentication config
    • database load models and initialize the database here
    • routes load controllers and define the routes
  • controllers plain objects to use its methods as routes
    • site
    • auth authentication and authorization methods
  • locales if i18n option is set
  • models uses Waterline ORM
  • views templates
    • error error views (401,403,404,error)
    • layouts layouts folder (main, error)
    • site application views (index, login)
  • web public folder
    • css
    • js





  • Finish authentication
  • add swig template engine
  • better i18n support (actually use it in the views to translate)
  • convert css to less (works if there is raw css but it's not ideal)
  • add tests


  • Generate controller command
  • Generate model command
  • Generate CRUD command


Koa currently requires node 0.11.x for the --harmony --harmony_proxies flags which exposes generators and proxies to your script. If you're running an earlier version of node you may install n, a node version manager to quickly install 0.11.x:

$ npm install -g n
$ n 0.11.13
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