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Gulp plugin for compiling Pug templates. Enabling you to compile your Pug templates into HTML or JS, with support for template locals, custom Pug filters, AMD wrapping, and others.


const { src, dest } = require('gulp');
const pug = require('gulp-pug');

exports.views = () => {
  return src('./src/*.pug')
        // Your options in here.



  • opts (Object): Any options from Pug's API in addition to pug's own options.
  • opts.locals (Object): Locals to compile the Pug with. You can also provide locals through the data field of the file object, e.g. with gulp-data. They will be merged with opts.locals.
  • (Object): Same as opts.locals.
  • opts.client (Boolean): Compile Pug to JavaScript code.
  • opts.pug: A custom instance of Pug for gulp-pug to use.
  • opts.verbose: display name of file from stream that is being compiled.

To change opts.filename use gulp-rename before gulp-pug.

Returns a stream that compiles Vinyl files as Pug.

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