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Prevent Exception Handling AntiPatterns in Python

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Inspired by this blog post. I described the building process of this tool here.

For those who like dinosaurs and clean try/except blocks.


Installation and usage


pip install tryceratops


tryceratops [filename or dir...]

You can enable experimental analyzers by running:

tryceratops --experimental [filename or dir...]

You can ignore specific violations by using: --ignore TCXXX repeatedly:

tryceratops --ignore TC201 --ignore TC202 [filename or dir...]

You can exclude dirs by using: --exclude dir/path repeatedly:

tryceratops --exclude tests --exclude .venv [filename or dir...]

You can also autofix some violations:

tryceratops --autofix [filename or dir...]


flake8 Plugin

Tryceratops is also a plugin for flake8, so you can:

 flake8 --select TC src/tests/samples/violations/
src/tests/samples/violations/ TC002 Create your own exception
src/tests/samples/violations/ TC003 Avoid specifying long messages outside the exception class
src/tests/samples/violations/ TC201 Simply use 'raise' without specifying exception object again


All violations and its descriptions can be found in docs.

Autofix support

So far, autofix only supports violations: TC200, TC201, and TC400.

Ignoring violations

If you want to ignore a violation in a specific file, you can either:

  • Add a comment with noqa to the top of the file you want to ignore
  • Add a comment with noqa to the line you want to ignore
  • Add a comment with noqa: CODE to the line you want to ignore a specific violation


def verbose_reraise_1():
        a = 1
    except Exception as ex:
        raise ex  # noqa: TC202


You can set up a pyproject.toml file to set rules. This is useful to avoid reusing the same CLI flags over and over again and helps to define the structure of your project.


exclude = ["samples"]
ignore = ["TC002", "TC200", "TC300"]
experimental = true

CLI flags always overwrite the config file.


If you wish to use pre-commit, add this:

  - repo:
    rev: v1.1.0
      - id: tryceratops

Show your style

try/except style: tryceratops

Add this fancy badge to your project's

[![try/except style: tryceratops](](

Extra Resources

If you want to read more about:


Thank you for considering making Tryceratops better for everyone!

Refer to Contributing docs.

Change log





Thanks to God for the inspiration

The black project for insights.

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