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acme2certifier is development project to create an ACME protocol proxy. Main intention is to provide ACME services on CA servers which do not support this protocol yet. It consists of two libraries:

For more up-to-date information and further documentation, please visit the project's home page at:


Release notes and ChangLog can be found at


Following acme-clients are used for regular testing of server functionality

Other clients are on my list for later testing. In case you are bored, feel free to test other ACME clients and raise issues if something does not work as expected.

Command-line parameters used for testing

I am not a professional developer. Keep this in mind while laughing about my code and don’t forget to send patches.

Project status

As of today acme2certifier supports the below ACME functions:

Starting from version 0.4 acme2certifer includes experimental support for TNAuthList identifiers and tkauth-01 challenges. Check for further information.

Starting from version 0.8 acme2certifier supports certificate polling and call backs from CA servers. These calls are not standardized but important to use acme2certifier together with classical enterprise CA servers,

Following challenge types are supported:

Additional functionality will be added over time. If you are badly missing a certain feature please raise an issue to let me know.


The proxy can run either as plain wsgi-script on either apache or nginx or as django project. Running acme2certifier as django project allows to use other database backends than SQLite.

The fastest and most convenient way to install acme2certifier is to use docker containers. There are ready made images available at dockerhub and as well as instructions to build your own container.


Please read for details on my code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests. Please note that I have a life besides programming. Thus, expect a delay in answering.


I use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


This project is licensed under the GPLv3 - see the LICENSE file for details

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