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MMDet to tensorrt

This project aims to convert the mmdetection model to tensorrt model end2end. Focus on object detection for now. Mask support is experiment.


  • fp16
  • int8(experiment)
  • batched input
  • dynamic input shape
  • combination of different modules
  • deepstream support

Any advices, bug reports and stars are welcome.


This project is released under the Apache 2.0 license.



Set the envoirment variable(in ~/.bashrc):

export AMIRSTAN_LIBRARY_PATH=${amirstan_plugin_root}/build/lib



git clone
cd mmdetection-to-tensorrt
python develop


Build docker image(Note that TensorRT7.0 might have memory leak, better to upgrade to 7.1+)

# cuda10.2 tensorrt7.0 pytorch1.6
sudo docker build -t mmdet2trt_docker:v1.0 docker/

Run (will show the help for the CLI entrypoint)

sudo docker run --gpus all -it --rm -v ${your_data_path}:${bind_path} mmdet2trt_docker:v1.0

Or if you want to open a terminal inside de container:

sudo docker run --gpus all -it --rm -v ${your_data_path}:${bind_path} --entrypoint bash mmdet2trt_docker:v1.0

Example conversion:

sudo docker run --gpus all -it --rm -v ${your_data_path}:${bind_path} mmdet2trt_docker:v1.0 ${bind_path}/ ${bind_path}/checkpoint.pth ${bind_path}/output.trt


how to create a tensorrt model from mmdet model (converting might take few minutes)(Might have some warning when converting.) detail can be found in



Run mmdet2trt -h for help on optional arguments.


        [1,3,320,320],      # min shape
        [1,3,800,1344],     # optimize shape
        [1,3,1344,1344],    # max shape
max_workspace_size=1<<30    # some module and tactic need large workspace.
trt_model = mmdet2trt(cfg_path, weight_path, opt_shape_param=opt_shape_param, fp16_mode=True, max_workspace_size=max_workspace_size), save_path)

how to use the converted model

trt_model = init_detector(save_path)
num_detections, trt_bbox, trt_score, trt_cls = inference_detector(trt_model, image_path, cfg_path, "cuda:0")

how to save the tensorrt engine

with open(engine_path, mode='wb') as f:

note that the bbox inference result did not divided by scale factor, divided by you self if needed.

play demo in demo/ for more detail

How does it works?

Most other project use pytorch=>ONNX=>tensorRT route, This repo convert pytorch=>tensorRT directly, avoid unnecessary ONNX IR. read for detail.

Support Model/Module

  • [x] Faster R-CNN
  • [x] Cascade R-CNN
  • [x] Double-Head R-CNN
  • [x] Group Normalization
  • [x] Weight Standardization
  • [x] DCN
  • [x] SSD
  • [x] RetinaNet
  • [x] Libra R-CNN
  • [x] FCOS
  • [x] Fovea
  • [x] CARAFE
  • [x] FreeAnchor
  • [x] RepPoints
  • [x] NAS-FPN
  • [x] ATSS
  • [x] PAFPN
  • [x] FSAF
  • [x] GCNet
  • [x] Guided Anchoring
  • [x] Generalized Attention
  • [x] Dynamic R-CNN
  • [x] Hybrid Task Cascade
  • [x] DetectoRS
  • [x] Side-Aware Boundary Localization
  • [x] YOLOv3
  • [x] PAA
  • [ ] CornerNet(WIP)
  • [x] Generalized Focal Loss
  • [x] Grid RCNN
  • [x] VFNet
  • [x] GROIE
  • [x] Mask R-CNN(experiment)
  • [x] Cascade Mask R-CNN(experiment)
  • [x] Cascade RPN
  • [x] DETR

Tested on:

  • torch=1.6.0
  • tensorrt=
  • mmdetection=2.10.0
  • cuda=10.2
  • cudnn=

If you find any error, please report in the issue.


read this page if you meet any problem.


This repo is maintained by @grimoire

Discuss group: QQ:1107959378

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