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This is a collection of basic libraries.

  • All are written in POSIX C, aim to used compatibility on linux, windows, android, ios.
  • Aim to reuse for IOT, embedded and network service development


Data Struct

libdict: Hash key-value dictonary library libhash: Hash key-value library based on hlist from kernel
libringbuffer: libqueue: queue library, support memory hook
librbtree: comes from linux kernel rbtree. libsort:
libvector: libdarray: Dynamic array


librtsp: Real Time Streaming Protocol server for ipcamera or NVR librtmpc: Real Time Messaging Protocol client for liveshow
libsock: socket warpper api for easily use librpc: Remote Procedure Call library
libipc: Inter-Process Communication, support mqueue/netlink/shm libp2p: High level p2p punch hole library, easy API to use
libmqttc: MQTT client protocol libhomekit: Apple homekit protocol


libgevent: Reactor event, like libevent libthread: Thread wrapper
libworkq: Work queue in userspace


libbase64: Base64/32 encode/decode libconfig: Support ini/json
liblog: Support console/file/rsyslog libfile: File operations
libstrex: libsubmask: ip addr transform


libuvc: USB video class V4L2/dshow libmp4: MP4 muxer and parser
libjpeg-ex: libmedia-io: audio/video frame/packet define

OS Abstraction Layer

libposix: posix adapter for Windows/rtos/ios


libdebug: Help to trace crash like gdb libhal: hardware Abstraction Layer
libplugin: Dynamic link plugin libtime: Time wrapper
libfsm: Finite State Machine

How To Build

Please refer to file for detailed information.


Please refer to the LICENSE file for detailed information.


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