Got is like git, but with an 'o'
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Dolt14,4602a day ago214May 19, 2022255apache-2.0Go
Dolt – Git for Data
Waking Up8,405
2 months ago19gpl-3.0
计算机基础(计算机网络/操作系统/数据库/Git...)面试问题全面总结,包含详细的follow-up question以及答案;全部采用【问题+追问+答案】的形式,即拿即用,直击互联网大厂面试:rocket:;可用于模拟面试、面试前复习、短期内快速备战面试...
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Git-based version control for WordPress. Whoa!
a day ago2March 30, 2022140iscOCaml
Irmin is a distributed database that follows the same design principles as Git
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11 days ago1HCL
I am using this repository to document my devops journey. I follow the process of learning everything by tasks. Every task has an associated objective that encompasses an underlying concept. Concepts including CloudProviders, Containers, ContainersOrchestration, Databases, InfrastructureAsCode, Interview, VersionControl etc in progress
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Connect processes into powerful data pipelines with a simple git-like filesystem interface
Git Heat Map934
7 days ago2JavaScript
Visualise a git repository by diff activity
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a git-backed issue tracker
Redwood74922 months ago26April 18, 2021111mitGo
A highly-configurable, distributed, realtime database that manages a state tree shared among many peers.
Gitmodel542713 years ago8September 30, 20129mitRuby
An ActiveModel-compliant persistence framework for Ruby that uses Git for versioning and remote syncing.
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Like Git, but with an 'o'

Got is version control, with a model similar to Git's. It provides end-to-end encryption and uses an improved data structure with good support for large files and directories.

Quick Links


  • [x] Content-Defined chunking of large files into blobs with a maximum size.
  • [x] E2E encryption. Branch names, directory names, file names, and file sizes can all be hidden from remote repositories.
  • [x] Efficiently add/remove large files and directories to/from existing filesystems.
  • [x] Stage changes with add, rm, put, and discard commands.
  • [x] Inspect branch state with cat and ls.
  • [x] Print and change the active branch with active command.
  • [x] Commit changes, with commit.
  • [x] Create, delete, and list branches with branch commands.
  • [x] Copy one branch state to another with sync.
  • [x] Share repositories over INET256 using serve command.
  • [x] Share repositories using QUIC with the serve-quic command.
  • [x] Branch level access control using ACL defined in a .got/policy file.
  • [x] Efficiently pack many small files into fewer blobs.
  • [ ] Checkout the head of a branch to the working directory.
  • [ ] Merge 2 branches.

Getting Started

Either download a prebuilt binary or build one from source.

Then initialize a repository in the current working directory. Make sure you cd to where you want the repository.

$ got init


To run the tests:

$ just test

Installs to $GOPATH/bin with just. If that isn't on your path, just copy the executable from there to wherever you want.

$ just install

To build release binaries

TAG=v0.0.x just build

Where TAG is an environment variable which should be set to the release version, or the Git hash of the source used for the build. The release binaries will be under the out directory.

Got in Action

Got importing a 3GB file.

$ got add large_file.dat
  [1.564s] large_file.dat data_in=(1.24GB Δ=799.35MB/s)
    [1.564s] worker-0 blobs_in=(182blobs Δ=117.26blobs/s), data_in=(157.09MB Δ=101.21MB/s)
    [1.564s] worker-1 blobs_in=(197blobs Δ=127.43blobs/s), data_in=(158.19MB Δ=102.33MB/s)
    [1.564s] worker-2 blobs_in=(181blobs Δ=116.50blobs/s), data_in=(154.83MB Δ=99.66MB/s)
    [1.564s] worker-3 blobs_in=(172blobs Δ=112.63blobs/s), data_in=(154.01MB Δ=100.85MB/s)
    [1.564s] worker-4 blobs_in=(179blobs Δ=116.82blobs/s), data_in=(157.34MB Δ=102.68MB/s)
    [1.564s] worker-5 blobs_in=(177blobs Δ=115.36blobs/s), data_in=(156.12MB Δ=101.75MB/s)
    [1.564s] worker-6 blobs_in=(199blobs Δ=130.09blobs/s), data_in=(155.20MB Δ=101.46MB/s)
    [1.564s] worker-7 blobs_in=(161blobs Δ=104.50blobs/s), data_in=(150.69MB Δ=97.81MB/s)


Read more about the configuration objects in doc/

Support and development discussion happen in the INET256 discord.

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