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2 days ago128gpl-3.0Kotlin
同文安卓輸入法平臺3.x/Android-rime/Rime Input Method Engine for Android
4 months ago277otherPython
Develop input methods for Windows easily with Python and node.js
13 days ago5January 01, 202117mitJavaScript
JS 注音:JavaScript 自動選字注音輸入法;"Smart" Chinese Zhuyin Input Method in JavaScript.
Fcitx5 Chinese Addons140
a month ago8lgpl-2.1C++
Addons related to Chinese, including IME previous bundled inside fcitx4.
14 days ago9bsd-2-clauseVim Script
A Vim input method engine
8 years ago
Rime输入法新手入门“套餐”。目前主要针对windows平台(小狼毫)的简体中文用户。 A starter's kit for Open-source Chinese IME Rime.
React Composition Input68
13 years ago9January 15, 20192mitJavaScript
The input component optimized for languages like Chinese, Japanese etc.
Google Chinese Handwriting Ime62
2 years ago7cc0-1.0JavaScript
Written in Electron for Linux.
Chinese Ime55
8 years agolgpl-3.0JavaScript
A JavaScript jQuery plugin for building Chinese keyboard input capabilities natively into a website
6 years ago7apache-2.0JavaScript
Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/jscin
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JavaScript based Chinese Input Method Porting input method environment (IME) everywhere is painful, especially when you failed to find your favorite IME on new tablet / phone devices. It would be great if we can have IME as web browser extension since it'll be easy to sync your favorite input method everywhere. Moreoever, some OS like Google ChromeOS does not allow installing userland native programs (it supports NaCl more widely after we've started this project). Chrome browser now supports an "extension API": http://dev.chromium.org/developers/design-documents/extensions/input-method-editor This project is a JavaScript implementation of Chinese Input Method that is compatible with XCIN 2.5 to serve ChromeOS and other platforms allowing IMEs implemented in JavaScript.

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