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Visual Desktop Remote Control Application based on WebRTC

On the computer to be controlled

npm install

node controllee/

Will auto open http://localhost:7890/controllee/ in your default browser.

Then prompt you to type a room name, enter an arbitrary name you prefer.

And prompt you to choose what screen part to share, choose the "your whole screen" and click "share" button.

On the computer to controll

Open browser (recommend Chrome) and access ( I'm sorry that the server is not maintened recently, maybe re-maintained in the future. But you can run the server yourself, see below ).

Then enter the room name you named before.

OK, you can remote controll the mouse position!

If you want run the server yourself, on the server

npm install

node server/

May need some code replace from "" to "your domain". And note that WebRTC need https server.

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