Service registry bridge for Docker with pluggable adapters
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18 months ago1October 23, 2014263mitGo
Service registry bridge for Docker with pluggable adapters
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An Hexagonal Architecture service template with DDD, CQRS, TDD and SOLID using .NET Core 2.0. All small features are testable and could be mocked. Adapters could be mocked or exchanged.
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Powerstrip: A tool for prototyping Docker extensions
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ORM Model with Adapters for mysql, pg, sqlite in the Crystal Language.
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7 months ago35Java
An example application written in Hexagonal (Ports and Adapter) architecture
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Example Go service using go-swagger and Clean Architecture
4 years ago4January 25, 201710apache-2.0Go
Bot (for Slack et al) with a special sauce: Docker plugins!
Alternatives To Registrator
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Service registry bridge for Docker.

Circle CI Docker pulls IRC Channel

Registrator automatically registers and deregisters services for any Docker container by inspecting containers as they come online. Registrator supports pluggable service registries, which currently includes Consul, etcd and SkyDNS 2.

Full documentation available at

Getting Registrator

Get the latest release, master, or any version of Registrator via Docker Hub:

$ docker pull gliderlabs/registrator:latest

Latest tag always points to the latest release. There is also a :master tag and version tags to pin to specific releases.

Using Registrator

The quickest way to see Registrator in action is our Quickstart tutorial. Otherwise, jump to the Run Reference in the User Guide. Typically, running Registrator looks like this:

$ docker run -d \
    --name=registrator \
    --net=host \
    --volume=/var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock \
    gliderlabs/registrator:latest \

CLI Options

Usage of /bin/registrator:
  /bin/registrator [options] <registry URI>

  -cleanup=false: Remove dangling services
  -deregister="always": Deregister exited services "always" or "on-success"
  -internal=false: Use internal ports instead of published ones
  -ip="": IP for ports mapped to the host
  -resync=0: Frequency with which services are resynchronized
  -retry-attempts=0: Max retry attempts to establish a connection with the backend. Use -1 for infinite retries
  -retry-interval=2000: Interval (in millisecond) between retry-attempts.
  -tags="": Append tags for all registered services
  -ttl=0: TTL for services (default is no expiry)
  -ttl-refresh=0: Frequency with which service TTLs are refreshed


Pull requests are welcome! We recommend getting feedback before starting by opening a GitHub issue or discussing in Slack.

Also check out our Developer Guide on Contributing Backends and Staging Releases.

Sponsors and Thanks

Big thanks to Weave for sponsoring, Michael Crosby for skydock, and the Consul mailing list for inspiration.

For a full list of sponsors, see SPONSORS.



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