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饾渾as.js, or A Flock of Functions

Combinators, Lambda Calculus, and Church Encodings in JavaScript

This repo contains notes and runnable examples of the lambda calculus as expressed through JavaScript.


Visit for a formatted version of the code.

The runnable JS file is in src/index.js. Execute the file is by cloning this repo and running npm start. Or, view the REPL here.


This repo was created as an accompaniment to a lecture talk given at Fullstack Academy of Code on 2017-08-24. You can view videos of that talk (in two parts) below:

Part I

Lambda as JS, or A Flock of Functions: Part I

Part II

Lambda as JS, or A Flock of Functions: Part I


Click to view the original slide deck.

Lambda as JS - Presentation Cover Image

Update: the first part of the presentation has been slightly modified over time; the deck used for the 2019-10 DevTalks can be seen here.

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