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Firebase Authentication for Spring boot License: MIT

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Firebase is a backendless platform to run applications without dedicated backend. But, sometimes you may need to communicate with API of an exisiting backend or you may want a dedicated backend to perform operations that cannot be done through firebase infrastructure.

This Spring Boot Starter is perfect for such situations when you want to extend firebase's authentication menchanism with Spring Security to seamlessly create and use protected rest API's.


  • Be sure to add the following environment variable globally or project specific run configuration environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=path_to_firebase_server_config.json

  • The starter can be configured to use firebase session as client side / strictly server side or both together.

  • Htty Only / Secure enabled Session cookies may not work as expected in development hosts (localhost, Adding self signed ssl certificate with reverse proxied host will work perfectly fine. Read this article => Local Domain Names with SSL for development applications

  • Following application properties can edited to customize for your needs. Sample @ application.yaml

Role Management

  • Roles can be added through SecurityRoleService during registeration of user or manually managed by Super admins
  • Super Admins are defined through application property security.super-admins
  • With roles feature tightly integrated with spring security, Spring authorization annotations like @Secured, @RolesAllowed, @PreAuthorize, @PostAuthorized etc will work perfectly fine.
  • I personally like to define per role annotations like @IsSuper, @IsSeller for the sake of simplicity.
	public String getProtectedData() {
		return "You have accessed seller only data from spring boot";
  • UI useAuth hook also has utility properties like _ roles, hasRole, isSuper, isSeller_ properties exposed accross the application to allow or restrict access to specific UI components. Read this post at for more detailed explanation on role management Firebase and Spring Boot Based Role Management and Authorization

End to End Test

The method I used to solve the problem of testing firebase social authentication is opinionated and may not be suitable to everyone. Simply put, we create a toggleable Test User functionaly that authenticates specific set of static test users through firebase custom token. This solves a lot of issues associated with testing a third party backed authentication flow. Read this post at for more in detail explanation End to End Test Firebase Authentication with Cypress, Spring Boot & Nextjs

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UI Demo


Client Side Session Screenshots

Logged out Logged In
Image of UI Loggedout Image of UI LoggedIn
Image of UI Loggedin Seller

Server Side Session Screenshots

Image of UI Server Side Session

Cypress End to End Tests Screencapture

Image of End to End Tests



  • Website:
  • Github: @gladius

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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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